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How to clean a laptop screen

By Jane Sheeba / March 18, 2015

Laptops are the logical progression to new age technological systems. They provide a mobility and improved functionality compared to outdated desktop systems. However, continuous use of  laptops in a variety of environments, touching it constantly to close the screen and even handling it with unclean fingers, takes a toll. You often find laptop screens looking […]


How to format a Laptop hard drive

By Jane Sheeba / March 4, 2015

Over burdened system registry, too many programs installed on a hard drive or malicious virus infection – all these problems for a laptop can be handled with a common defensive maneuver of reformatting your hard drives. Experts advise to periodically format your hard drives to keep your laptop’s system healthy. Yet, the procedure might feel […]


How to recover files from Hard Drive in case of Hard Drive failure

By Jane Sheeba / February 10, 2015

Losing data is a threat which haunts almost all the computer users of today. The consequences of which cannot be quantified by a single yardstick. It affects different types of users in different ways. Starting from losing your favorite song, to losing a multi-billion dollars’ contract, the list of grievances is just endless. Let’s discuss some […]


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