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10 Best free iPhone games at your fingertips

By Jane Sheeba / May 4, 2016

Niggled over the in – app payments games at your iPhone App Store. Don’t fret. We have literally boggled down the whole gamut of the App Store to feed you the best free iPhone games. Lower your eyelids and download these games and see for yourself. You won’t regret this reading and my recommendations. Here’s the […]


Microsoft delays Xbox One launch in China

By Jane Sheeba / September 20, 2014

The latest Xbox offering from Microsoft, the Xbox One, had already been released in Europe and the United States in November of last year. Also, it has either already made its debut or is soon going to do the same in most Asian countries with the exception of China. The Xbox one was set to […]


10 Best Zombie Games You Can’t Resist

By Jane Sheeba / February 11, 2014

Few supernatural concepts have captured the imagination of the public as zombies have. From movies to books to games, zombies are everywhere. After all, few things are as enjoyable as blowing up heads in games, especially if they are zombies. Recently, the genre seems to have gotten a lot of momentum and more and more […]


Are You A Raging Gamer?

By Jane Sheeba / November 5, 2013

The FPSer, MMOer, SIMer, the LAD and the Combatant. What makes them angry when playing games, and which one are you?Virgin Media developed this infographics to show what really causes all that high blood pressure when gaming. +1 Tweet Share Share PinShares 0


Sony PlayStation: History And The New PS4

By Guest Author / September 7, 2013

PlayStation was first introduced in Japan in 1994 by Sony Computer Entertainment. The idea of creating a game console came when Nintendo and Sony teamed up in 1988 to create Super Nintendo. Their joint product was introduced in 1991, but Nintendo broke the deal and opted to partner with Philips because they were unable to […]


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