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List of cool, handy OK Google commands

By Jane Sheeba / June 8, 2016

Most people who have used Android devices will already be familiar with Google Now, the personal assistant AI. It was Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. First launched for Android 4.4 KitKat, Google Now has developed over the years to become a rather valuable part of the Android experience. Google has ensured that this feature has […]


Google launches Android Auto API

By Jane Sheeba / November 19, 2014

Google has entered the world of in-car infotainment with the launch of its latest software named as Android Auto API. This app integrates various aspects of entertainment and information and transmits it on your car’s dashboard. This is an encouraging step towards advancement of the in-car infotainment industry and will now allow developers to start […]


Google researching on various hijacking methods

By Jane Sheeba / November 7, 2014

Google has recently released details on the growing trend of “manual hijacking” which has replaced “mass hijacking” in the past few years. Our virtual identity is now of vital importance as all of our digital data and secrets such as our work and bank details, our passwords, social media accounts and purchase details can be […]


Roku brings Google Play to its Users

By Jane Sheeba / November 1, 2014

Roku has made its entry into Google Play to add to its growing list of video channels. Now, all users who own the latest generation of Roku boxes will be able to stream Google Play and the popular TV app from the comfort of their homes. The streaming of these channels, however, is limited to […]


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