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Snapchat has got a new rival from Facebook: Slingshot

By Jane Sheeba / May 18, 2014

Facebook is reportedly building a new ephemeral messaging app called Slingshot and might release it this month! Now Snapchat has got a new rival. We know Snapchat declined Facbook’s buying proposal about 6 months ago. Facebook was willing to cash in $3 billion for Snapchat acquisition. But Snapchat’s CEO said that they’re not interested in selling […]


Facebook Donate Button For Non-Profits: Donate Right Within Facebook

By Jane Sheeba / December 17, 2013

Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature – the “Donate” button for non-profits which lets you donate to your favorite non-profit organization right within Facebook – you don’t have to leave Facebook for the transaction to complete. The feature is currently launched on a test basis. 19 non-profit organizations are participating in the testing. […]


Facebook-Yahoo Seeking Search Partnership?

By Jane Sheeba / November 20, 2012

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO seemed to have been talking about a partnership between the two companies regarding a search engine. Although there is some sort of denial to this news from some of the industry watchers, there are quite some facts that support this news. Mark Zuckerberg frequently […]


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