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How to Delete Your Twitter Account?

By Jane Sheeba / June 15, 2016

So you have tried Twitter and found that it is not the social network for you? Maybe you were tired of the 140 character limit? Maybe you didn’t like the use of hashtags and trending feature? Or maybe you did not enjoy all those sponsored tweets? Whatever be the reason, you have decided to get […]


Twitter To Be Completely Devoid Of Instagram Photos

By Jane Sheeba / December 21, 2012

In perhaps a completely shocking turn of events, for users of social networking sites at least, you can apparently no longer preview photos in Twitter, which have been posted through Instagram at least! Yes folks, a complete bummer if you are indeed a fan of posting photos after photos of daily event through Instagram. And […]


Twitter Lets You Download Your Past Tweets

By Jane Sheeba / December 19, 2012

Twitter, the unique social media platform connects people through short messages called tweets. These tweets are quite popular and it has become an easy mode of communication. The current generation is living on social media and Twitter has great features to be connected with friends and family members. It is also realized by businesses as […]


3 Ways Twitter Can Help You Create Great Blog Content

By Jane Sheeba / February 29, 2012

Social media has done many things for our society. There’s no denying the impact sites like Facebook and Twitter have on the way in which we live and communicate in the world today. Social networking  reinvented common communication and furthered the influence of the internet of social interactions. That being said, many people have also […]


InstaBG: Have A Twitter Background With InstaBG

By Jane Sheeba / January 8, 2012

Backgrounds are one of the core features that determine how visually interesting your page is. That is no exception to social networking communities. With a quick and painless tool you can now specify your Instagram photos by typing in your Twitter ID and make it as a twitter background for free. Yes, InstaBG is such […]


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