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7 Simple Tips To Shoot Professional Photos

By Jane Sheeba / September 21, 2016

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we live and organize things around us. Among the many digital applications that we enjoy in the current generation, one useful application that always helps us cherish the most memorable events in our life is digital photography. It is easy to capture and preserve snaps through a digital camera. […]


Low Light Digital Photography Tips: Capture Great Photos Even With Poor Lighting

By Jane Sheeba / May 9, 2014

Low light digital photography – this is something that scares most photographers; not just the newbies but, in some cases even professional photographers panic to take photographs in dim or low lighting conditions. When I say low light digital photography you most probably think about taking photographs at night, right? Well it need not be […]


7 Tips To Capture Great Group Photos

By Jane Sheeba / April 22, 2014

Group photos are great ways to cherish the moments you spent at school, college and office. When you go for a special assignment or on an official visit, you are most likely to be the part and parcel of group photos. By using the right photographic techniques and applying your own creativity, you can further […]