How Important is Content Crawling in Enterprise Search?


The importance of having a content management tool such as the content crawler has increased manifold. Having an enterprise search that will enable the enterprise search engine to crawl URLs and various sites to search for specific keywords, is an essential component of the way organizations function with SharePoint 2013.Becoming virtually an indispensable component of the SP 2013, the content … [Read more...]

Organize Your Family Plans With The All Famous Google Calendar

Organize Your Family Plans With The All Famous Google Calendar

In today’s technologically oriented world, the old paper calendar just does not cut it. You need some better at keeping track of the numerous family events throughout the year. After all, it is not quite feasible to carry a calendar around for the sake of jotting down those events.A digital calendar like Google Calendar offers much more versatility and functions. With Google Calendar, you get … [Read more...]

4 Fantastic Underwater Digital Cameras


Having an underwater digital camera is getting fashionable and even mandatory to people in some professions. It is an extra dimension of your digital camera to have the capability to capture images in underwater conditions. If you are very much interested in capturing images of the underwater world, you should go for waterproof cameras.As you check the manual you will be able to figure out the … [Read more...]

Top 7 Alternatives to iMovie for Windows

DVD Slideshow Builder

iMovie is a wonderful movie editing software, it is powerful and at the same time very simple to use. The software enables users to view edit as well as share movies.The problem is that iMovie is not available for Windows until now, but there is no need to worry because there are some alternatives that work as good as iMovie. The alternatives are great and have features that are almost similar … [Read more...]

Protect Your Laptop: 10 Things You Need To Do

Protect Your Laptop: 10 Things You Need To Do

One of the main reasons why laptops outsell desktops is the portability factor. Not only are they lightweight and convenient but most laptops look incredibly sleek and stylish which adds to their appeal among consumers. However, they are also easy targets for thieves and online hackers.Losing a laptop is a devastating experience, especially if it contains … [Read more...]

Mac Vs Pc: What’s your Take?


The Mac vs PC debate is a common topic of discussion that has persisted through this decade. The war is so pronounced that often you may find Mac users and PC users complaining about each other’s shortcomings.Common claims of Mac patrons include the slow operating speed of PCs. On the other hand, PC users raise questions on the practicability of Mac … [Read more...]