Benefits of Gaining EC-Council CEH Credential with Exam Dumps

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The International Council of E-Commerce Consultant (EC-Council) is an organization that certifies professionals on information security and e-business skills. It is globally known for creating the famous Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. The CEH credential is currently the most popular when it comes to securing information and data from third parties. Let’s have a clear overview of this certification.

CEH Credential Overview

CEH is a core level certification designed for lawful hacking into a personal computer or network to identify the loopholes of the system. It validates the professionals’ skills and knowledge in exploring the vulnerabilities and threats in the targeted system. Besides, it equips professionals with ethical hacking skills from a vendor-neutral perspective. The CEH certification is only earned by candidates who have passed 312-50 exam. Currently, you need to pass the 10th version- 312-50v10. The test has the following features:

  • It consists of 125 questions of multiple-choice format
  • The duration of the exam is 4 hours
  • The test is offered by ECC EXAM, VUE
  • Passing score can range from 60% to 85%

The CEH credential has the following purposes:

  • Create and regulate minimum standards to certificate specialists in ethical hacking measures
  • Announce the public that the certificated people exceed the minimum standards
  • Boost ethical hacking as a special profession

312-50 test covers various topics that revolve around networking, database administration and security. EC-Council also updates the exams to equip professionals with knowledge relevant to the current industry trends. 

Having the CEH credential on your CV list is a perfect step to build your security career. In this article, we will explain every benefit that comes your way after getting certified. Read on and you will understand the benefits of getting the CEH certification from EC-Council.

1. Improve your understanding of vulnerabilities and risks

The cybercriminals or malicious attackers are good innovators who constantly learn new ways of penetrating the system unlawfully. Without profound knowledge and skills on risks and vulnerabilities, you will always have difficulty in keeping your systems secure. Through 312-50 exam, you will understand how hackers analyze your system before they attack. The first five domains teach you the process of analyzing your system. The phases are:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Gaining access
  • Enumeration
  • Maintaining access
  • Covering your tracks

2. Thinking like a hacker

In order to find the holes which hackers can use, you must behave like a hacker. The CEH 312-50 test gives you an insight into the world of hackers. You will understand how criminals get into your system and attack. Therefore, you will know the areas to seal and make your system free from malicious attacks. Additionally, thinking like a hacker will enable you to understand when a computer system security strategies need to be revised.

3. Ideal for various job roles

The CEH certification is not only designed for professionals who are involved in penetration testing and hacking. It is a versatile certification which is also ideal for IT network and security professionals. The CEH credential enables professionals to administrate a network or a system in a highly secure way. This is because 312-50 exam questions and concepts focus on configuring and securing a real-world computer system.

4. Boost your salary

This is one of the most important things because you spend money and time to get certified. The CEH certification is an industry-recognized certification that can reward you with job roles such as network engineer, cybersecurity analyst, and system administrator. Also, professionals who are regularly involved in penetration testing have a higher salary due to allowances and the impact they make in an organization’s system.

5. Advance your security skills

The CEH 312-50 test gives you a solid foundational knowledge of IT security. It polishes your IT skills with ethical hacking skills which can help you in any IT role because security is a priority in every system. It will also build your knowledge on the tools and techniques that are used by ethical hackers to secure computer systems from threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

6. Stand out from a crowd

If you have been looking for a way to introduce yourself to employers during interviews, the CEH certification is all you need. Many employers would like to hire professionals who have proof of their skills and knowledge. Once you have the CEH certification in your resume, you will surely show that you are committed and dedicated to your career. Therefore, the employers will be convinced that you will also be committed to the roles you will be assigned to.

7. Promotions

It is always important for every professional to progress in his or her career. The CEH certification allows you to climb your career ladder. The certification qualifies you for top job roles such as senior penetration tester and senior security consultant. Such roles make you be in the management category because you will be considered the most skilled professionals when it comes to IT security.

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The technology is growing very quickly, so hacking is not static. The security of computer systems is paramount because attackers develop new ways of maliciously penetrating to your system. Anyway, you can secure your system from threats by taking 312-50 test. With the help of the CEH certification, you will be able to defend against future attacks. To pass the exam on your first trial, visit PrepAway web resource and utilize the exam dumps it offers. Wish you success!

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