Google Plus Streams New Features

Google – The Search Engine giant is marching ahead with new products and acquisitions. Established in the year 1997, the company launched many products which were new and innovative. …

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Google+’s Break Up Strategem

Google plus social network

Like all love stories the romance between users and Google+ is fading now. Yup, Google+ seems to be recruiting some serious strategies that may unknowingly result in break up …

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Google+ Circles: Seven Suave Uses

Only less than a month of Google+’s public launch it has achieved an awe-inspiring kick start. Google+ now has 10 users joining per second. By now while you were reading the past two sentences almost 20 – 50 users would have joined Google+. If you think its mission impossible then you are wrong.

Mission “Kill Facebook” – In Testing Phase

Google plus kills Facebook

Google+ which is just 3-4 weeks old (to all users) is literally ruling the web (thanks to the hype and publicity). Google+ is now causing another impact wave to target corporate users by introducing the corporate account feature. Google+ officially asked for top corporate companies to send a request for creating their corporate account.

Is Facebook Challenging Google+ With Skype Video Calls?

Facebook already has 750 million users compared to 500 million last year. It goes on to show the way people want to connect and enjoy sharing between friends on the site. The amount of sharing is also an indication of how people are engaged with the site. There were also reports that the major shareholder of Facebook, Microsoft agreed to buy Skype in May allowing Facebook to grow even more closer to Microsoft.