iOS5: Twitter Friendly Features


Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5 has enhanced Twitter integration. This integration of Twitter on iOS5 makes it easy to tweet from Apple handheld devices like iPhone, iPad …

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The Buzz On New Apple iPhone 5

apple iphone 5

Market analysts are expecting the launch of a new Apple iPhone in the month of October. There is wide spread rumors in media about the new design and features. Till now, Apple has four versions of its iPhones. Version change happened whenever there is change in the Apple Operating System.

The “Apple – HTC” Tug Of War

Clearly Apple is leading with certain advantages in this war. Out of the many cases filed against HTC two of them were proved and HTC has been declared guilty by ITC (International Trade Commission).

How Apple Became The Apple Of Everybody’s Eye

Apple’s latest iPhone probably would be the biggest leap since the launch of the original iPhone four years ago. In the age of mobile internet and apps, Apple has surpassed Nokia and Blackberry, its prominent contenders in the mobile industry. With Facetime , a feature supporting video calling on the latest iPhone with the highest resolution display gives it a high standard for mobile communication. Let’s have a look at how Apple’s iPhone is setting the bar for other smartphones.

RIM Bombs While Android And Apple Boom

While Apple has 3 million more users added to its existing 17 million users (in U.S) RIM has lost 1 million thus falling down from 19 million to 18. While Android with nearly 30 million users is in possession of the throne currently, other companies like Microsoft and Palm too have lost about 0.8 and 0.1 million users respectively.

Fascinating Features of Apple iPad2

While Apple is retaining its throne since its launch, certain rivals like Droids, Amazon, Motorola, etc are trying by all possible means to pull down the King from his throne. However Apple which has never been known for being succumbed has decided to give the counter attack to all its rivals in the form of iPad2.

5 Best iPad Apps To Spice Up Your Hot Summer

More and more application developers are on their way to exploit the beauty and portability of the recently launched Apple’s iPad2. Let’s check out some of these apps to have your vacation time fun filled and worth enjoying.