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Modern technologies keep on changing because new and advanced methods are introduced every day. So, if you want to do well in your career, it is important to keep your knowledge up to date. In order to be successful in life, it is significant that you maintain an urge to keep on learning new methods and techniques in your field. Getting a certification by one of the prominent vendor is the solution.

When it comes to IT vendors, Cisco is the most popular company in the world. It is best known for its networking software, technologies and solutions. Many famous organizations from around the world use its technologies and only because they are very reliable. The certifications offered by Cisco are for people with different skill level: CCENT for beginners to check your basic skills, CCNA associate level to get core skills in the field you’ve chosen, CCNP to advance your skills, CCIE to become an expert in your sphere. The certification track offered by Cisco will help you to choose the right certification that fits your career goal. Among the certifications you can choose from are CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Collaboration, CCNA Cyber Ops, CCNA Data Center, CCNP Collaboration, CCIE Security and many more.

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Cisco CCNA credentials

CCNA credential refers to associate level and is considered to be one of the most valued certifications in IT. Having obtained any certification of this level you can opt for a position of a network administrator, network technician, information security specialist. It verifies your skills to complete the tasks related to working with medium-sized routed and switched networks. It also checks your organizational, troubleshooting, communication, analytic skills using the vendor-specific tools and technologies. Among the most popular Cisco certifications are CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Wireless credentials.

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Cisco CCNA R&S certification and 200-125 exam

Some of the most sought-after CCNA credentials include CCNA R& S, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Cyber Ops and CCNA Collaboration credentials. CCNA R&S tests your core abilities necessary for the position of network engineer. To gain it you also need to possess skills in foundational technologies, as well as in next generation technologies.

To get CCNA CCNA R&S certification, you need to take either 100-105 exam with provides you with the CCENT certification and then pass 200-105 exam or sit just for one exam 200-125 which covers all the objectives of the two previous exams. Cisco 200-125 exam is known as Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX) and checks your knowledge of the networking fundamentals, terminology, routing concepts, as well as your skills in LAN switching, WAN technologies, infrastructure security and management.

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CCNA Data Center Certification and 200-150 exam

Since Data center technologies are constantly evolving, the necessity of the qualified professionals able to work with them is high. Cisco keeps the pace with the constantly changing world of IT and offers CCNA Data Center credential. Certified employees that are able to install, operate and configure data center technology, understand how their field is integrated in to the contemporary technological realities and confident in their skills are valued on the market greatly, thus, having this credential they become noticeable among other candidates. To get this certification you need to pass two exams, one of which is 200-150. The exam is focused on the data center basic operations necessary to complete the daily tasks.

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Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops Certification and 210-250 exam

This credential is most popular among candidates that are eager to work in security sphere and protect data from leakage as well as to respond to cybersecurity threats. CCNA Cyber Ops certificated candidates possess skills necessary for a position of security analyst and to work in cybersecurity operations centers. To get this certification you need to be skillful in implementing security principles and technologies, as well as in using Cisco security products. Having passed two exams, you can boost your career greatly. One of the exams you need to pass is 210-250 (Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals (SECFND) v1.0).

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Cisco CCNP certifications

The next certification level that is popular among candidates is CCNP, which is for professionals. It is chosen by those candidates who already have CCNA credential, networking experience, are ready to advance their skill level and complete daily tasks related to local and wide-area networks. Among the CCNP certifications you can choose are: CCNP R&S, CCNP Collaboration, CCNP Security, CCNP Cloud, CCNP Wireless and many other.

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Cisco CCNP Collaboration and 300-075 exam

CCNP Collaboration certification is one of the most popular, as it prepares qualified staff with top skills to render business value. Since collaboration skills are a key that increases the effectiveness of completing tasks and developing business, having such skills has become a necessity. To get this credential you need to pass four exams: 300-070, 300-075, 300-080 and 300-085.

Each exam is a significant part of the whole picture that requires from you to possess the definite set of skills. For example, 300-075 exam is known as Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 2 (CIPTV2). It checks how skillful you are in providing Cisco Unified Collaboration solutions in a multi-site environment. The exam includes the questions related to Cisco VCS Control, Cisco Expressway Series and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

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Cisco CCNP R&S credential

This credential is one of the most sought-after on the professional level. It tests how skillful you are to complete practical tasks at your workplace related to planning, maintaining, checking, troubleshooting local and wide-area networks in organizations. In addition, you need to be able to work collaboratively with other specialists and to find solutions on security, voice, wireless and video. CCNP R&S certification implied that you’ve already obtained CCNA R&S credential and have at least one year of networking experience to provide complex network solutions. So, if your aim is to become a successful network engineer, systems engineer, support engineer or network technician, this credential is for you. To get it you need to pass three exams: 300-101, 300-115 and 300-135.

As this article dwells on 300-101 exam, let’s briefly look at 300-115 and 300-135 exam.

CCNP 300-115 exam

Cisco 300-115 SWITCH exam (Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks) tests your switching knowledge and skills. To sit for this exam, you need to be skillful enough to implement complex enterprise switching solutions using the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

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CCNP 300-135 exam

This exam is known as Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT) and it checks your skills to work with complex routed and switched networks, to tackle network troubleshooting tasks, to use ITIL-compliant approach. The exam includes a number of hand-on practices which test how you involve the leading technology in solving the tasks.

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CCNP 300-101 exam

One of the most well-known tests these days is Cisco 300-101. If you are interested in routing and switching, then 300-101 ROUTE exam is just for you. There are many things that you should know about this certification test. Here we will talk about some of its main highlights.

Exam pattern

If you are someone who would like to learn more things, then you will enjoy preparing for the Cisco 300-101 exam. The test covers a wide variety of topics, which means that you will learn new things spanning a few different areas. However, you should not take this ROUTE exam very lightly because you may find some of the questions a bit difficult. You need to have the right experience and knowledge if you wish to pass 300-101 certification test. Now, let’s move on to the exam pattern. The first thing that you need to know is that this exam consists of 45-65 questions and the time limit is 120 minutes. All the questions that appear in the test are different from one another, this is why you will need to manage your time. Otherwise, you will not be able to answer all necessary questions and get the relevant passing score.

Exam topics

The questions that appear in the Cisco 300-101 exam are very carefully created and there are a lot of thoughts in each of the questions. There are a number of topics that make up the questions in this ROUTE test. There is a certain percentage of questions that are derived from each of the topics, which makes some of them more important than the others. Since the topics are already defined, this makes preparing for 300-101 exam a bit easier. The topics that you should know are mentioned below:

  • Layer 3 Technologies (40%)
  • Infrastructure Services (20%)
  • Infrastructure Security (10%)
  • Network Principles (10%)
  • Layer 2 Technologies (10%)
  • VPN Technologies (10%)

Preparation process

Getting ready for the Cisco 300-101 exam is going to be a bit of work but this does not make it difficult. If you are planning to take this test, you should not wait for the 11th hour to begin preparations. Instead, it is advisable to start preparing quite early. You will need all the time that you can get to prepare for the ROUTE exam because there are a lot of things that you will need to cover.

The Cisco 300-101 exam is popular therefore you can find a lot of study sources online however not all of them are good. You need to make sure that all the study materials you use have authentic information. This is the reason why it is advisable that you go for paid sources because they will have the most accurate information.

It’s better to buy the official study guide, as it will give you a lot of valuable information. With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to plan your approach for preparing for the exam. You should not forget about the practice tests because they are the closest ones you can get before the actual exam date. The questions in the practice tests are similar to what you will find in the real exam thus you can use them to prepare yourself mentally for the Cisco 300-101 exam. To make sure of it, practice as many tests as possible, as they will allow you to evaluate your current knowledge and skills that you possess related to the exam. Most practice tests will also show you a final score at the end of the exam, so that you know where you stand.

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Why should you take this exam?

If you feel that your career has still come to a stand, then you should do something with it. There is nothing good that can come to your career without hard work. Taking the Cisco 300-101 exam is one of the best ways to move your career forward. If your employer sees that you are a Cisco certified specialist, it will give you some clear advantages over your opponents or colleagues. You will be able to get a better designation and salary. However, you need to keep in mind that you will have to work hard to pass this certification test.

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To boost your career to a higher level, gain Cisco certification that appeals you – CCNA R&S, CCNA Cyber Ops, CCNA Data Center or CCNP Collaboration. Since this vendor is widely known and accepted all over the world. Choose your career track and advance your skills. But before sitting for any certification exam get a proper preparation, combining guide books, video courses, valid exam dumps. Only having a profound knowledge and skills will help you pass the certification exams easily.

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