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How to create a checklist in Microsoft Office Word?

Are you packing for an outing and want to ensure that you have taken all necessary things? Do you have a list of tasks to be done before a due date?Not just this, there might come instances when you have to make sure that you do not leave anything important.It is always useful and easy to have a check list so that you can verify the job’s done.If you need to c [...]

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What is Punycode Phishing Attack and how to protect yourself?

The internet is a helpful at the same time an extremely scary place. At every moment, you might be at risk of getting scammed.All those emails you receive about free services and free games, can often put your computer at danger. One of the most dangerous of them are Punycode phishing attack.As it is, phishing scams were dangerous but now with the implementation of [...]

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How to extend the life of your batteries?

Congratulations on buying your new battery. It’s natural that you expect your battery to deliver a good performance and run a long life.But this would happen only if you take enough care of the batteries. Maintenance is the only strategy.Maintaining your batteries properly will give the expected performance and long run, and will ultimately benefit you the money y [...]

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How to tell whether your computer has got virus

We know that how much we are dependent on internet not just for our jobs, but also for our day to day activities, starting from entertainment, social networking, shopping, to banking and more.With the ever increasing usage of internet, also grows the number of malware threats to your system. These malware are fiendish to your device as well as to your data and security. [...]

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How to avoid Facebook scams?

Facebook is a great social platform that keeps you connected with your friends and family. It has now become a more of a social status.Facebook has more than 1 billion active users per month and hence it also has become a huge platform for annoying scammers as well.The bad news is that more number of Facebook users become victim of nefarious scams and run out of mon [...]

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The Takeover of Messaging Apps

All over the world people are logging into messaging apps multiple times a day to stay in contact with their family, work colleagues and friends.Surprisingly, they may also be logging in to connect with brands, transfer money, watch content and more, as this is what many of these apps are capable of.Once these apps were built for the simple service of talking to peo [...]

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How to tell if someone is stealing your wifi and what to do about it?

When more number of devices are connected to a wi-fi network, the speed of the network might most probably slow down. If you feel that your wi-fi network speed is bogged down, there are plenty of chances that someone else is using your wifi. It is not only your network at stake but also some of your files and information, depending on your security settings that are at s [...]

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Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Review

Sony launched in February 2017, two of its top style phones, Sony Xperia XA1Ultra and Sony Xperia XA1 as proxies  for its premium model phones, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Sony Xperia XZ for Sony lovers in affordable price tag.[...]

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