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How to delete a Gmail account?

Oh well, we all use Gmail for lots of reasons. If you do stuff online and if you don’t have a Gmail account, I would be surprised! There are various other email services like Yahoo, AOL, Bing etc., but Gmail stands out from the rest. Your opinion may differ from mine, but Gmail’s interface and […]

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How to speed up your Android Smartphone?

New developments in the field of technology have resulted in advanced smartphone hardware but their full potential cannot be unleashed without compatible software. This optimization between software and hardware is essential in modern personal technology for seamless user experience and to speed up my Android phone. Otherwise, your smartphone would begin to slow down or […]

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How to block an email address in Gmail?

OK you cannot block an email address in Gmail. But what you can do instead is make use of the filters to filter out the corresponding email address. This way you won’t have to “see” any email from that particular address and you can set to send those emails directly to trash so you don’t […]

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10 Ways To Use Dropbox Effectively

Earlier cloud computing was limited to large corporations but thanks to software like Dropbox, everyone can have a piece of the pie. Dropbox brings to your home, the ability to store your data in the cloud and be able to access it from anywhere. But did you know that Dropbox is capable of more than […]

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