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How To Convert HTML Into PDF In A Flash

Before looking into the particular ways for the conversion of HTML in to PDF, let us view the concept in a detailed manner. HTML language is a programming language which is commonly used in the creation of websites and blogs. It is seen that the HTML language have various diversities; it supports several apps such […]

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How To Remove YouTube Video Ads

Online advertising is getting more and more obtrusive every year. YouTube is a great example of a popular platform that changed radically because of the increasing amount of ads. The popular video-streaming service is getting more and more ads, which makes it one of the most annoying websites on the web. Fortunately, there are many […]

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Wireless Broadband: How To Make Your Wireless Broadband Faster

Are you experiencing slow network problems with your wireless broadband connection? There are various forms of broadband connection in the world today, and one of the most prominent forms of broadband connection in developed countries  is the wireless broadband.  There are several reasons for this; first, it is mobile and flexible, and second, it is […]

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Adblock Plus: How To Block Facebook Annoyances In 3 Simple Steps

After last year’s Facebook IPO, the amount of ads, sponsored content and other ‘stuff’ you might like, increased tremendously. In the last months it reached the point that it started significantly harm the user experience. ‘Games you might like’ Besides ads and other sponsored content, Facebook recently injected more unwanted content into your newsfeed. Games […]

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