A Simple Guide To Dominating Local SEO

With plenty of ways to go about marketing and SEO,it is important that you have the right level of open communication between your brand and your target audience. Whether you decide to go about this alone, or you choose to use an award-winning digital marketing agency such as Absolute Digital Essex, if you target the right markets, you are certain to start seeing results.. Here we are going to give you a quick and simple guide to dominating local SEO.

guide local seo

Know Your Audience

When beginning your SEO pursuit, it is vital that you are aware of who your target audience really are, as these are the people that you will be targeting your content towards and the tone of voice that would work best with them. If you do not know your target audience then this not only makes it difficult to target keywords that are relevant but it also has the potential to make the contentseem disjointed. This can then have a knock-oneffect onthe rest of the content throughout the site making your site appear irrelevant to those who you want to attract the most.

Content Mapping

Although this might seem like a small step to the otherwise bigger picture of SEO, content mapping is more important than you may think. This is the practice of targeting the right target audience at the right time to ensure that yourcontent has the best possible reception. If this is done correctly, this will not only boost the engagement of your site but it will also help to ensure that the content is tailored specifically to your target audience.

Content mapping is also useful to help convert customers. This will help to boost your customer journey as this will help give them the information that they need in such a way that they will trust your service and choose to convert. This is beneficial for you as a small business as the content that you are creating will help to boost sales.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a fairly recent tool that has a profound effect on the way that your audience interacts with your brand. From an SEO standpoint, this additional piece of content allows your company to be selected when using elements such as voice search and assistance such as Bixby for Android and Siri for iOS users. This GoogleMy Business function allows your target audience to see all the information that they need without having to search through your website. This is important as, if this is done correctly, you could see an increase in the click-through rate to your site thus boosting the trust and authority.


Reviews are arguably one of the most important elements to SEO for your site, as it is said that 84% of people look at reviews before deciding to commit to a service or product. If your site does not have any relevant reviews, then this is something that can have a profound effect on not only your rankings, but also on customer interaction. Therefore it is important to encourage your customers to leave reviews as this will not only improve the levels of customer engagement but also ensure that your site is kept active and relevant.

With all this in mind, it is important to remember that the target audience of your company is the number one priority. By focusing on the interaction between the company and the customer, you can ensure that you boost every single aspect of your company through a cost-effectivedigital marketing strategy.

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