25+ Best Wallpaper Sites for Free PC & Desktop Backgrounds

Anyone who spends enough time on computer desires to have a stunning desktop wallpaper. Whether you have a MacBook, a Windows desktop, personal computer (PC) or a laptop, keeping your desktop wallpaper fresh and cool adds bonus points to your own coolness in front of your friends and family. Which why we often scour the internet to find best wallpapers sites.

On our site, we regularly make collections of wallpapers for both desktop and mobile devices. However, in this post, we are going to give away all the sources of great desktop backgrounds and wallpapers that we have been hiding so far. Our collection of best wallpaper sites below offers huge and free collection of high quality wallpaper images that will look great on your computer screen. You can even download these on your mobile device and set it as wallpaper or background image on the home screen and lock screen.

1. Wallhaven.cc

alpha wallhaven

Wallhaven.cc is one of the most popular destination for user submitted wallpapers. It has huge collection of wallpapers of all sizes and you can easily search for wallpapers that you like using the search box provided on the website.

Go to Wallhaven.cc

2. Wallpaper Abyss

wall alphacoders

Wallpaper Abyss is another big repository of amazing and high quality wallpapers. With over 70,000 wallpapers in many categories ranging from anime and movies to wildlife and nature wallpapers, you are sure to find a good match for your taste.

Go to Wallpaper Abyss

3. reddit Wallpapers

reddit wallpapers

This is a subreddit on twitter where community submits some of the best wallpapers images. It also features discussion and voting. You can sort the submission with “New”, “Top” and “Hot”. This is one of the great sources to keep your desktop background fresh with latest wallpaper images.

Go to reddit Wallpapers

4. Unsplash Wallpaper

unsplash wallpaper

Unsplash is one of the most popular destination for finding free stock images and photographs. They have a wallpaper section which offers photos taken by professional photographers as desktop and mobile wallpapers.

Go to Unsplash Wallpaper

5. WallpaperAccess

wallpape access

WallpaperAccess is relatively a popular wallpaper sites that offers curated collection of some of the best wallpaper images which are filtered by moderators from community submission. You will find very high quality and suitable wallpaper images in HD size. Wallpapers are found under multiple categories and collections such as fantasy, flowers, space and nature.

Go to Wallpaper Access

6. WallpaperCave

wallpaper cave

WallpaperCave is a wallpaper community site sharing and curating wallpapers under different categories such as holidays, animals, sports, superheroes and more.

Go to WallpaperCave

7. WallpapersCraft

wallpaper scraft

WallpapersCraft is another popular destination for finding free desktop backgrounds and HD wallpaper images. You can find wallpapers for food, games, fantasy, TV series and more here.

Go to WallpapersCraft

8. NASA Astronomy Images

NASA astronomy

Get stunning astronomy picture everyday straight from NASA’s website that you can use as wallpaper. Find astronomy wallpaper images in their archives  and searching through their vast collection of space images. This is a great source if you want wallpapers of the cosmos, planets and the galaxy.

Go to NASA Astronomy Images

9. WallpaperPass

wallpaperpass cover sized

WallpaperPass offers thousands of top-quality, bright, and beautiful wallpapers with daily updates. Whatever theme or topic you’re into, you can find a wallpaper on their site. It is simple to navigate through different categories (anime, games, nature, cars, music, celebrities,…) to find the perfect image to customize your device.

Go to WallpaperPass

10. Papers.co

papers co android

Papers.co is a modern offering with wallpapers for both mobile (iPhone & Android) and Desktop.

Go to Papers.co

11. Bhmpics

bhm pics

At Bhmpics you will find many wallpapers in 3D, Anstract, Cars, Cityscape, Games and Music categories. There are also funny wallpaper images as well as WWE wrestler wallpapers on this website.

Go to Bhmpics

12. WallpaperSite

wallpaper site

WallpaperSite has an up-to-date collection of latest and best wallpaper images. You can easily find high quality wallpaper images of poplar celebrities and top cars on this site among other categories.

Go to WallpaperSite

13. HD Wallpapers.in


As the name suggests, this is a popular destination for finding and downloading HD wallpaper images available in different resolutions including Ultra HD 4K wallpapers.

Go to HdWallpapers.in

14. GetWallpapers


GetWallpapers offers a minimal design wallpaper site with multiple categories and collections. This fast growing wallpaper site has background images of almost every topic.

Go to GetWallpapers

15. WallpaperSet


Similar to GetWallpapers, this site offers minimal design wallpaper gallery, however it has a darker theme which will suit many viewers.

Go to WallpaperSet

16. WallpaperUP

2 Popular wallpapers

You can download popular HD wallpapers on WallpaperUP which are suitable for your mobile device, desktop, smartphone and tablets. The site prominently showcases most popular wallpapers on the front page and also allows you to to a narrow down search in many of its categories, resolution as well as aspect ratios. What’s more, you can also search for CC-0 public domain images on this site.

Go to WallpaperUP

17. Wallup.net

3 HD Wallpapers Free Desktop

Wallup.net offers free and high quality resolutions background images and photos for mobile, tablets and desktop backgrounds. You can search for wallpapers using keywords as well as tags. Creating an account is also possible on this site and it features new as well as random collection of wallpapers for finding fresh wallpapers everyday.

Go to Wallup.net

18. WallHere

4 Free Wallpapers HD Wallpapers

WallHere has a vast collection of free and high quality wallpapers. The site features community submitted wallpapers and you can also filter the images based on the camera from which the photograph were taken,

Go to WallHere

19. Desktop Nexus

destop nexus

Desktop Nexus One is one of the old and trusted sites for finding wallpapers of all kinds and size. With over 1 million wallpapers and over 600 million downloads of its wallpapers, you are sure to find a great pick for your own computer screen.

Go to Desktopnexus

20. WideWallpapers.net

wide wallpapers

Wide wallpapers offers desktop wallpapers for widescreen monitors and laptop screens with wide resolution.

Go to WideWallpapers.net

21. WallpaperStock

wallpaper stock

WallpaperStock offers free wallpapers as well as stock photos for different resolutions including HD, tablet and mobile wallpapers.

Go to WallpaperStock.net

22. HDwallpapers.net

hdwallpapers net

HDwallpapers.net is home to high definition wallpapers and desktop backgrounds for your computer desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux), iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Go to HDwallpapers.net

23. Simple Desktops

simple desktops

Simple Desktops aims to provide simple and minimal wallpaper images for your desktop background. This is a perfect destination for those who seek minimalism and simplicity in their wallpaper images.

Go to Simple Desktops

24. Wallpaperflare

wallpaper flare

Wallpaperflare is home to many high quality HD wallpapers which are available in many different sizes including 4K wallpapers, widescreen wallpapers, dual monitor or triple monitor wallpapers.

Go to Wallpaperflare

25. DeviantArt

deviant art

On DeviantArt, you can find wallpaper from many articles who frequently share their work on arts as well as images featuring anime, cartoons, digital art, 3d art, photography and much more.  You can use the images as your desktop wallpaper, however do make sure to read the license terms from the artist before using their images.

Go to DeviantArt

26. Goodfon


Goodfon has a good collection of HD, 2K, 4K and 5K wallpapers for you to enjoy. These wallpapers are placed under different categories such as landscapes, fantasy, films, flowers etc. You can sort their wallpaper collection by downloads, rating, categories or random. Widescreen as well as multi-monitor wallpapers are also available on their site.

Go to Goodfon

Features of Best Wallpaper Sites

When you come across a wallpaper repository or a website offering wallpapers, how do you know that they are good and can offer you what you want.

Large Categories of Wallpapers

A good wallpaper site will often showcase best wallpapers under neatly defined categories such as Movies, Space, Actors, Actress, Nature etc. This allows you to easily find your wallpapers. They may also group wallpapers based on screen size such as HD, Ultra-wide, dual-monitors etc. This would be an added advantage as you often want to limit your search to your pre-defined screen size.

You can use a tool to determine your screen size and then limit your wallpaper search to these dimensions so that you can fit a high-quality wallpaper on your desktop or mobile device.

Free HD Download

Ability to download wallpapers for free is always welcome as these wallpapers are generally fan made or are community submissions. Top wallpaper sites allow users to download high-quality wallpaper for free in their desired resolution. Moreover, these websites don’t even require you to sign-up for an account before downloading.

Frequently Updated

Wallpaper sites that update frequently and add new images in their collection based on latest trends, movie, series, sport events etc. are bound to keep your wallpaper collection fresh.  You may find a “recently added” section that lists wallpapers that were added to the website recently.

Community features such as upvoting

Finding top wallpapers are as important as finding recently added wallpapers. This is why many top wallpaper websites allow users to upvote, downvote, like or dislike wallpapers. This allows you to easily find a top wallpapers based on user votes. Many sites also allow user to comment on the wallpapers however this may not be useful in many case.

Community Submission

Community submission on wallpaper sites are also a good feature as it allows the site to expand their collection thanks to the work of many volunteers and users. However this may require moderation and thus may not be present on all wallpaper websites.

Before You Go

We hope you now have enough choices to find your next cool desktop background from these best wallpaper sites. Don’t forget to follow our blog as we regularly publish some great collection of wallpaper images as well as other useful tips and resources. Here are some of our hand-picked collection of wallpapers that we believe you will enjoy:

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