35 Awesome Super Hero Wallpapers for your Android Phone

If you are a fan of superhero characters then having them as wallpaper on your mobile screen is not only desirable but can also make your home screen cool. We have curated a collection of many awesome superhero HD Wallpapers for your Android phones.

Superhero characters are brave and own supernatural strength or superhuman powers, that inspire and motivate us. These superheroes are not your average boy or girl, they battle against crime protecting the public, and fight the super-villains.

In this post, we have collected high quality wallpapers of Marvel and DC comics super heroes such as Ironman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Flash, and Deadpool. Browse through them and download the wallpapers of your favorite superhero character for your mobile device.

These HD super hero wallpapers are available for free download in different sizes including high definition displays. These wallpapers are appropriate to be used on a desktop, Android smartphones, and tablets. If you like this wallpaper collection, share it with your friends.

Wonder Woman Wallpapers

Wonder Women - 1

Wonder Women - 2

Wonder Women - 3

The Flash Wallpapers

The Flash - 1

The Flash - 2

The Flash - 3

Spiderman Wallpapers

Spiderman - 1

Spiderman - 3

Spiderman - 4

Spiderman - 4

Superman Wallpapers

Superman - 1

Superman - 3

Ironman Wallpapers


Ironman - 2

Ironman - 4

Ironman - 5

Ironman - 3

Ironman - 6

Batman Wallpapers

Batman - 1

Batman - 2

Batman - 3

Batman - 4

Batman - 5

Captain America Wallpapers

Captain America - 1

Captain America - 2

Captain America - 3

Captain America - 4

Thor Wallpapers

Thor - 1

Thor - 2

Thor - 3

Wolverine Wallpapers


Hulk Wallpapers

Hulk - 1

Hulk - 2

Deadpool Wallpapers

Deadpool - 1

Deadpool - 2

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