15 Best Android App Templates with Source Code to Build Your Own App

Are you planning to build your own Android app? If the answer is yes, then you may want to take a look at these best quality and beautifully designed Android app templates and source codes. These premium app templates for Android give you the necessary starting point with their professionally designed UI screens and fully working code with documentation.

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When building an Android app, it may be a good idea to start from an App Template, instead of starting from scratch. A template will give you a head start as it will allow you to start from an existing source code base. You can use the template code and design and customize it to add your own features and monetization methods such as AdMob on in-app purchases.

Google also provides a lot of sample app templates which you can download for free, however, these sample app templates are generally not complete apps and are mostly provided to demonstrate one single feature to the developers. Nonetheless, the free app templates provided by Google are a great starting point when you want to build your own Android app from scratch or are customizing any of the pre-built Android app templates that we have listed in this article.

We have carefully selected the best Android app templates which offer easy to customize code and documentation to get you started in publishing your own Android app in Google Play Store. These app templates are designed according to the Google’s specification which is Material Design. Note that these templates are available at a small price, however, the amount of time they will save you easily justify their price. Additionally, you can get support from the developers of these apps when you get stuck with anything.

Many of these templates also provide a free version and you can download their free source code to play around and build a prototype of your android app. You will find app source code for all Android programming languages such as Flutter and Java. Couple with these Android development tips, you can easily use the templates below to start your journey as Android developer.

1. Argon Flutter App Template

1 Argon PRO Flutter Premium

Argon is a a premium flutter app template that provides ready to be use components and pre-designed screens for android apps. This app template has minimalistic and easy to use design system that provides over 200 variations of widgets like buttons, inputs, cards, navigations etc. for designing user interface. 21 pre-built example screens are also present for designing UI for profile, settings, music album, shopping cart etc.

Additionally, in the premium version, you also get Photoshop and Sketch files along with full documentation and premium support.

For trying out the template before buying, you can look at the free version of the Argon flutter kit.

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2. Universal – Full Multi-Purpose Android App

universal android app template

This is a multi-purpose Android app template which allows you to build apps of different varieties such as a social app, Live TV apps, radio app etc. The app template can be integrated with different content providers such as WordPress blog, YouTube Channels, RSS feed, SoundCloud, radio, maps or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

The app template also has built-in support for in-app purchases, push notifications, AdMob advertising, remote configuration and media player. The app template is suitably designed for all kinds of screen sizes smartphones and tablets). You can easily customize the app with your own color schemes, provide your own menu and edit the source files provided with the downloaded package. Developers have included video tutorials and are available for support in case you need it.

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3. Now UI Flutter App Template

2 Now UI PRO Flutter

This is another premium Flutter based Android app template that provides ready to be use components and mobile screen designs. Based on Now UI design, this app template includes 200 elements, components and card layouts. It also has 21 pre-built screen design for making apps for e-commerce, social media, user profiles, news app etc.

A free demo of this app template can also be downloaded from the GitHub repo. Do note that the free version of the template provides limited components and page design. For making a production ready app and getting support for the developers of the kit, you are advised to upgrade to the premium version.

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4. Material Kit Flutter App Template

3 Material Kit PRO Flutter

Material design is inherent to Android app development. You will find this Material kit incorporating design aspects of material design in it’s interface and components. Material Kit by Creative Tim, is a powerful and beautifully designed Flutter app template that gives you over 200 variations of widgets like buttons, inputs, cards, navigations etc.

Included with the template are custom fonts, example screens for all kind of apps and full documentation. An open source version of this kit (with limited features) can be found on GitHub too.

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5. Material Design UI Android Template App

material android template

This Android app template offers the latest Material Design UI with 5 different UI themes: Universal, Travel, Social, Media, and Shop. The template has 80+ pre-designed screens and over 100 UI components along with Firebase and MailChimp integration.

You get Android Studio project which can be used to easily change the colors and fonts and to integrate your own features. You will find 6 different types of list views: Expandable, drag & drop, swipe to dismiss, appearance animation, sticky list header, and cards. Image parallax, login page, image gallery, progress bars & loaders, search bars, wizards, dialogs and tab views are also provided with the template. The developer of this template offers free support for all customers.

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6. Universal Android WebView App

webview app

WebView application template is useful in converting a mobile website or responsive design website into an Android application. This Universal Android WebView app can be used to convert your own website into an app without the knowledge of coding. You can choose from 10 different color schemes and 30 menu-icons.

This app template supports pull-to-refresh, share dialog, navigation drawer menu, action bar, intents for opening external apps (e-mail, SMS, phone call, map, store), geolocation, download manager, file picker for uploading files and a lot more features. Developers provide video-walkthrough and support for this item if you use it in your own project.

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7. E-Commerce / Online Shop App

e-commerce shop app

This e-commerce app template can be used to create mobile commerce system for Android platform. You also get an Admin Panel that can be used to manage orders and create category and product menu. Configurations such as currency, tax, user, etc can also be edited from the admin panel.

The app template is compatible with official Android Studio and an Eclipse project is also available. The app is designed with Material Design and is integrated with OneSignal Push Notifications. Upon purchasing the item, you will get the full Android source code, full PHP code of server side as well as documentation and screenshots.

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8. Dating App

dating application

Dating apps like Tinder are quite popular on smartphones. With this dating app template, you can build your own dating app for the Android platform. This app template also has a web version which allows users to access the app from other platforms such as iOS and Windows.

You also get a server side Admin Panel with the app which can be used to manage accounts and see what is happening inside the application. The app supports a virtual currency and in-app purchases. Support for Facebook login and monetization with AdMob are also supported.

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9. The City – Place App with Backend

city android app

With the City app template, you can build a tourist/city guide Android app to showcase interesting places from a city with description and additional attributes. This native Android app template is built with Material Design and uses SQLite to store data locally in the app which makes it work offline too.

You also get an Admin Panel with the app which can be used to manage and edit place data, as well as send GCM notifications. With the download, you get the full Android source code, back-end source code as well as documentation for app and admin panel.

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10. Your Radio App

radio app

This radio app template is suitable for developing your own mobile internet radio streaming app. The app supports background play and streaming of multiple file types such as mp3, m3u, aac etc. The app offers material design UI and features Navigation Drawer and Floating Action Button.

You can easily add AdMob banner and interstitial ads in the app and can manage the app using the Admin Panel (built with PHP & MySQL) provided with the template. Push notifications are also supported in this app.

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11. Cookbook – Recipe App for Android

cookbook recipe app

As the name suggests, this app template can be used to create a cookbook or recipe app for the Android platform. It offers 8 different color schemes and Material Design UI with animations and effects. Searching for recipes and adding to favorites is also supported in the app, along with support for creating shopping lists.

Integration with Google Analytics and AdMob are also provided. You get well documented Android Studio project for the app, video walkthrough and post-purchase support from developers.

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12. Material Wallpaper

material wallpaper

Wallpapers are in great demand by Android users as it allows them to customize their device home-screen. With this Material Design wallpaper app template, you can launch your own Android wallpaper app in the store. The app provides mobile image gallery and wallpaper system which can work offline too. Gesture support is present in the app which allows swiping the pictures and zooming in and out with stretch and pinch gestures.

You can manage, edit and add wallpapers using the Admin Panel provided with the app which has been built using PHP and MySQL. Firebase Push Notification and Firebase analytics are also integrated with the application.

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13. Android Live TV with Material Design

android live tv

This live TV app template can be used to create Android Live TV apps. The app template supports multiple video formats, HD, full-HD resolutions and all popular streaming protocols such as HLS, MMS, RTSP, RTMP, and HTTP. Login and Registration system for users is also provided along with favorite mode and searching of channels.

The Admin Panel provided with the app is easy to operate and can be used to add and update channels and categories. You get full documentation along with Android app and admin panel source code when you purchase this template.

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14. Android News App

android news app

Smartphones have become the number one source of consumption of news and with this Android news app template, you are only one step away from launching your own news app. Built with Material Design this app supports Firebase and OneSignal push notifications, AdMob and StartApp Ads integration, Firebase Analytics. It also has support for RTL languages.

With the provided Admin Panel, you can easily manage the news items as well as manage users. This application created for Android is provided as Android Studio project and Eclipse project. The back end is built with PHP & MySQL.

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15. My Social Network (App and Website)

social network app

Social networking apps are arguably the most used apps on any platform. If you ever dreamt of launching your own social network then this app template is a perfect fit for you. Provided with the template is an Android app version and a web version. The app supports direct messages, push notifications, virtual currency, hashtags, likes, comments, image gallery, and gifts.

A powerful Admin Panel is also provided with the template which allows you to manage users and see what is happening inside your app. Full documentation and support by the developer are also provided.

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Hope you found our collection of app templates for Android useful. You can find a lot of open source app and open source game templates too on GitHub. Additionally, we have also compiled following list of Android App Templates:

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