41 Most Beautiful Flower Wallpapers for PC & Mobile

Flowers are natural beauty that bring us smile, peace and sense of joy. We use flowers not only for decoration but for gifting to our loved ones and for expressing our emotions such as love and affection. Over the course of time, humans have mastered the art of cultivating and using these naturally beautiful flowers in various ways such as for ornamental or medicinal purposes. At the same time, they have also mastered how to best capture the beauty of the blossoming plants and trees through the lenses of their cameras.

In this post, we bring to you some of the most beautiful flower wallpapers in high-definition (HD) that will suit best on your desktop or phone screens. All the wallpapers are free to download and use as background of your computer screen or mobile device such as Android or iOS. You can also download these flower backgrounds for sharing with your friends and family.

Beautiful Flower Wallpapers

The flower wallpapers in this collection have been selected from top wallpaper sites as well as free image sites. Included are wallpapers for colorful flowers of all kinds including Daisies, Sunflowers, Dandelions, Lilies, Roses and a lot more. Many of them have been captured with other natural elements such as butterflies, pond and fish. There are some close-up images of flowers and petals and a couple of abstract artistic wallpapers as well.


27 daisies mums flower

Blue Petals Flowers


Artistic Flower Leaf Plant Wallpaper

47 Artistic Flower Leaf Plant Wallpaper

Flower Bouquet Wallpaper

1 flower

Flower Close up HD Wallpaper

2 flower

Rose flower petal love floral

4 rose flower petal love floral

Blooming Sunflower

5 nature flora flower leaf sunflower

Dandelion flower Wallpaper

6 nature dandelion macro close flower
Spring Pink Flowers

7 flowers pink spring pink flower blossom th

Flower Butterfly Wallpaper

8 flowers outdoors wing swallowtail plants butterfly

Water Liliy

9 Water Lilies Wildflower Leaf

Flower in pond

10 Water Lily Flower Flowers Pond Pond Plan

Garden Flowers Wallpaper

11 Nature Plant Flower Garden Flowers Grass

Light Pink Hibiscus

12 light pink hibiscus dark view
Amazing Purple Flower

26 amazing purple flower
Orange Hibiscus Wallpaper

13 light red flower hibiscus

White Flowers with buds

14 white flower with kalee bud

Bloom Pink Flowers

15 Bloom pink flower

Flower with Goldfish

16 Goldfish waterlily flower

Spring Flower HD Wallpaper

18 spring flower plant

Amazing Sunflowers

19 amazing sunflowers

Red Rose

20 a single red rose

Spring Purple Flowers

21 spring purple flowers

Morning Blossom Wallpaper

22 morning blossom


24 sunflowers

Red Flower Garden

25 red flower garden

Colorful Vector Flowers with Birds

30 colorful vector flowers birds

Bunch of Colorful Cinerarias Flower

32 colorful cinerarias flower

Flower, Drops and Sky

33 flower drops sky

HD Flower Wallpaper

34 flower wallpaper

Flower Illustration Art Wallpaper

56 flower illustration art wallpaper

Flowers Bright in flowerbed

39 flowers bright flowerbed

Flowers Branches and Leaves

40 flowers branches leaves plant

Flowers Branches Buds and Leaves

41 flowers branches buds leaves th

Flower Macro Petals Bud

43 flower macro petals bud

Flower Plant Petals Spot

44 flower plant petals spot

Pink Flower Wallpaper

45 flower petals plant

Earth Flower in Fence Picket

48 Earth Flower Fence Picket Fence Wallpaper

Abstract Neon Blue Purple Wallpaper

49 Artistic Flower Abstract Neon Blue Purple Wallpaper

Flowers in Vase

52 Man Made Red Flower Gerbera Vase Colorful Pink Flower Orange Flower

Flower Art wallpaper

57 illustration art flower wallpaper

Flower Wallpapers Video

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We hope that you like our collection of these beautiful flower wallpapers and background images. Don’t forget to also check out our articles on best wallpaper sites as well as best wallpaper apps for Android.

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