What is Kik messenger? Is it safe for kids?

Kik is just one another app among the numerous apps for smart phones for private chatting, group chatting, sending and sharing pictures. Not just that it comes with added extra features of playing games, creating memes and listening music and internal apps with browser. With all these fancies, it became popular with the teens. And, […]

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Google Wallet vs. PayPal: Which one suits you best?

The shift from traditional to digital has come not just for businesses, but for individuals too. With all of our key indicators shifting online, our mode of financial transactions today is also majorly via online platforms. The two biggest contributors to the online payment process currently are PayPal and Google Wallet. We will look at […]

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All You Need To Know About The New Fiverr Pro

Fiverr has served the online community by being a huge freelancer’s marketplace. It has connected buyers with potential customers and has grown to become immensely popular. Around a week ago, Fiverr launched a pro version –Fiverr Pro. The highlight of this version would be a specially curated group of professional freelancers that will be showcased […]

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