Here are 9 (cool) Youtube alternatives for you to consider!

9 Best YouTube Alternatives You Could Consider

When it comes to watching and streaming video content online, the default choice has always been YouTube. There is certainly much to like about this platform.

After all, anyone with a Google account can upload videos easily.

YouTube also allows its videos to be embedded into websites and shared to social platforms in a similarly easy manner.

On the other hand, there are plenty of alternatives should you, for any reason, want something different.

Here 9 of the best YouTube alternatives that the internet has to offer.

Alternative Video Streaming Sites That You Should Check Out

While YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video streaming site, it is not the only one in the market.

There are quite a few other platforms and many of them offer something different to the user.

As such, they are worth checking out.



In terms of popularity, Dailymotion easily gets a second rank. It is also just behind Youtube when it comes to a comparison of sizes.

It is therefore one of the best YouTube alternatives. This is actually a French video sharing website. It is possible to upload and share videos here once you have an account.

The features are similar to YouTube and it is a free platform supported by ads. You can search for videos with the help of tags, channels or even user groups.

More importantly, the upload restrictions are looser than YouTube as it allows videos of 60 minutes unlike YouTube’s 10-minute limit.

On the other hand, the file should not exceed 4GB whereas YouTube allows a maximum of 20GB.



This is another popular alternative to YouTube. Interestingly, the word ‘vimeo’ was formed as a combination of ‘video’ and ‘me’ but it is an anagram of the word ‘movie’ at the same time.

This is interesting as Vimeo mainly serves independent filmmakers as a platform for their short movies and pieces.

In fact, the platform was developed specifically for them.

Nonetheless some professional content can also be found here.

In order to remove the upload limit, users need to sign up for a premium account which costs approximately $60 every year.



Metacafe resembles YouTube in a number of ways which is one of the reasons it is quite popular.

However, few people realize that Metacafe is actually older than YouTube. Originally, Metacafe offered content on the lines of YouTube and Dailymotion.

Its materials included original videos and corporate sponsored ones. However, it has recently shifted its focus and started offering short videos in the vein of Vimeo.

On the other hand, partnerships have enabled this platform to offer a lot of exclusive content.

Originally known as Blip, this video sharing site is known as after it was acquired by Maker Studios.

Unlike most other video sites, this platform focuses on providing serial video content such as websidoes and web series. In fact, users rarely upload a one-time video.

The site is completely free for viewers. As such, it is an excellent choice if you enjoy watching TV shows. The quality of the content and the videos are also quite high.

Uploading videos here is also quite beneficial as the site splits the revenue equally with the content makers.



One of the better Youtube alternatives in the internet, this platform is rather popular as it focuses on the music genre mainly.

Here, you can find music videos and videos of live performances. You can find videos by nearly all music artists in this site, especially the current ones.

It has recently opted to create original content about music.

Unlike other video streaming sites, Vevo gets all of its content from distributors. As such, it is the best video site for music lovers and enthusiasts.



Vuclip is a video on demand site that works in a similar manner to YouTube. The site is known for its massive database of movie clips.

Nonetheless, you find all sorts of video content here. One of the best features of this site is that it works on nearly all mobile phones quite smoothly, including those that have trouble with YouTube.

On the other hand, this is a commercial site. Therefore, you need to pay in order to unlock certain premium videos.



At Veoh, you can browse through an extensive range of videos.

The best feature of this platform is that it does not have any upload restrictions with respect to length unlike the majority of video platforms in the internet.

Therefore, you can easily find full length movies in this site apart from short clips.

The user interface is also quite smart and easy to use. Due to the lack of upload restrictions, you can find high quality video content here.



Twitch has become popular quite recently having quickly established itself as the best place for gaming enthusiasts.

If you want to watch videos of games, this is the site you need to visit. The best feature of Twitch is that it offers live streaming.

Therefore, you can watch game videos as they are actually being played in real life. It has partnered with many gaming tournaments to provide live coverage of the games and tournaments.

In many streams, commentary is also provided just like television coverage of football or baseball tournaments have.

Twitch is suitable for amateur gamers and professionals alike.



Flickr is known to be one of the best sites for uploading and sharing images. However, it has been quite some time since it started offering videos.

While it may not be the best among the different YouTube alternatives, it is certainly worth a try.

You can create a free account and start uploading videos. However, the videos have to be of 90 seconds or less.

Moreover, free users can upload only two of these videos while pro users get unlimited uploads among other features.

These are the best YouTube alternatives that you can give a shot at the moment.

As you can see, you can easily find a site that caters exclusively for your specific needs, both as a viewer and as a video content maker.

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