45 Wildlife & Animals Wallpapers HD for Desktop & Mobile

Wildlife and animals are an integral part of the nature and a few daring photographers have been able to capture even the scariest wild animals through their lenses. Thanks to these wildlife explorers, we are able to witness the natural habitat of wild animals. In this article, we have collected together some of the best images and photographs of wildlife and animals that are appropriate for using a desktop wallpaper background or as phone screen background.

Most of the images in our article have been collected from websites like Pexels and Pixabay which offer collection of free high quality images. You will find HD images of tiger, lion, wolf, penguin, elephant, giraffe, panda and many other animals in their natural environment. You can download these wildlife animals wallpapers and images from the source and use them for free.

Bengal Tiger 

2 bengal tiger half soak body on water during daytime


23 leopard

White Tiger

27 white tiger animal

Lion Close Up

16 lion close up

White Wolf

26 white wolf

Leopard in Snow Fall

24 leopard snow

Brown Wolf 

25 brown wolf standing on green grass


21 emperor penguins antarctic life

Giraffe Wild Life

15 giraffe animal wild life


14 animal photography antelope

African Elephant

10 elephant africa african elephant kenya

White Horse in Winter Snow 

8 christmas winter snow white horse

White Lion Close Up

17 white lion close up


20 nature deer elk canada

Giraffe in Africa

4 africa animal giraffe

Zebra Love

7 zebra wildlife

White and Black Horses

40 white and black horse

Lions Male and Female 

18 lions animal male female lions

Panda Wildlife

22 panda cub wildlife zoo cute

Polar Bear and Penguin

19 polar bear and penguin


13 peacock

Elephants Walking During Daytime

11 elephants walking beside body of water during daytime

White Horses in Water

9 white horse in water


6 owl avian beak


5 two rhino on gray field

American Bald Eagle

3 american bald eagle

Dancing Peacock 12 peacock animal iridescent

Tiger Stretching Over Brown Trunk 

1 tiger stretching over brown trunk during daytime

Horse Wallpaper

45 horse wallpaper

Black Cat

44 black cat


43 parrots

Horse and Cat

42 horse and cat

Zebra Elephant

41 zebra elephant


37 kangaroo

White Peacock

35 white peacock

Animals Escape in Forest

33 animals savannah africa escape danger fear


32 dolphin

Adventure Elephant39 adventure elephant

White Tigers

29 white tiger


31 gorila

White Lion Close Up

30 white lion

Peacock White

34 peacock white

Kangaroo with Joey

36 kangaroo

Owl Snow Bird 

28 owl snow bird forest

Elephants Sunset Wallpaper

38 elephant africa sunset

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