20 Duotone Photoshop Action Packs & Gradient Presets

Duotone effect is among top design trends these days. In this effect the color scheme of an image is changed to just two colors, hence the name ‘duotone’. Everywhere we are seeing duotone images popping up, from posters, flyers and social media banners to print media, websites and website templates. If you want to give your images this stylish duotone look, we have a collection of free and premium duotone Photoshop actions for you to download. With these Photoshop actions, you can quickly create the popular duotone effect in Photoshop with just a single click.

Selecting two colors that perfectly complement each other is crucial for creating duotone gradient effect. These Photoshop actions have been created by professional graphic designers and come with artful color combinations and you just have to choose from these pre-set colors. The download includes Photoshop Action file (.ATN), double clicking on it will load the action in the Actions panel in Photoshop. You can then open your image in Photoshop, go to menu Windows->Actions, select the action and hit play button to instantly apply the duotone effect to your photo.

Towards the end of this post, you will also find a bonus section with couple of free duotone gradient presets for Photoshop (.GRD file) that you can use for manually creating the duotone effect in Photoshop.

Spotify Style Duotone Photo Effect Action & Tutorial (Free)

Spotify used duotone gradient images in their Year of Music 2015 site design and marketing visuals. In this tutorial, Chris Spooner shows how to create Spotify style duotone effect using Gradient Map adjustment in Photoshop. He also gives away a free Photoshop action to create this kind of effect.


Gradient Duotone Photoshop Action

9 gradient duotone photoshop action

This is a premium duotone gradient action for Photoshop. It comes with 50 duotone gradient effects and is compatible with Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC.


Duotone Actions Photoshop Bundle

19 duotone actions photoshop bundle

This bundle includes 88 duotone and gradient Photoshop actions to give your images a burst of color with its selection of vibrant palettes and matte color combinations.


Duotone Lite Photoshop Action (Free)

4 duotone lite free photoshop action

This duotone set features 15 high quality and easy-to-use Photoshop actions with gorgeous color effects. Available for free download.


Duotone Photoshop Actions

18 Duotone Photoshop Actions

Create a professional duotone effect effortlessly with this gigantic set of 120 duotone actions. Comes with 120 with preset color combinations – 30 duo-white, 15 duo-red, 15 duo-orange, 15 duo-yellow, 15 duo-purple, 15 duo-blue and 15 duo-green colors. Available for purchase from GraphicRiver.


Duotone Photoshop Action (Free)

2 free duotone photoshop action

This freebie includes duotone photo effect actions with 10 trendy color palettes.


Duotone PS Actions Super Bundle

21 duotone ps actions super bundle

This premium Photoshop add-on has around 250 stunning duotone effects. You can play around with various combinations for a beautiful result.


Duotone Photoshop Action

10 duotone photoshop action

Transform your photos with the 53 trendy duotone color effects included in this premium Photoshop action. Perfect for creating eye-catching images for presentations, posters, flyers and website backgrounds.


Duotone PS action Gradient Map

15 duotone ps action gradient map

Save your time with this curated set of duotone actions. It comes with a preset of vibrant dual tones, vintage themed colors and dramatic lighting duotone effects.


Spotify Duotone Effect

12 spotify duotone effect

A premium set of 7 duotone photo effects inspired by Spotify. Works in Photoshop CS3 and higher versions.


Artistic Duotone Effect Photoshop Action

14 artistic duotone effect photoshop action

Inspired by the 80’s style, Artistic Duotone Photoshop Action converts your photo into oversaturated fluorescent style hues with some artistic touches.


Duotone Photoshop Action (Free)

5 duotone photoshop action

This free Photoshop action includes 20 preset colors. Compatible with both RGB and CMYK color modes. For free use in commercial projects, attribution is required.


Duotone Photoshop Actions (Free)

7 duotone photoshop actions

Another free Photoshop action for applying duotone effects to your photos. Free for private and commercial use.


Duotone Photoshop Actions

16 duotone photoshop actions

This set features 30 Photoshop duotone actions with stunning, bold colors. Transform your photos into contemporary artworks with just one click!


Duotone Gradient Photoshop Action

17 duotone gradient duotone photoshop action

A premium set of Photoshop actions for creating professional images with duotone effects and duotone gradient overlays. It includes 50 duotone and 50 gradient duotone actions.


Duotone Photoshop Actions

20 duotone photoshop actions

Add stylish color effects to your images with this set of 33 Photoshop duotone and gradient overlay actions. Play around with the vibrant jewel tones for creating visually striking visuals.


Photoshop Duotone Action (Free)

3 free photoshop duotone action set

This free Photoshop action features high contrasting duo-tone colors.


Matte Duotone Photoshop Actions

22 matte duotone photoshop actions

This collection features a gorgeous selection of two-tone matte color palettes for giving your images a rich and moody feel.


Bonus: Free Duotone Gradient Presets for Photoshop

As a bonus resource, we are listing down free duotone gradient presets for Photoshop. Available for download in .GRD format, double clicking on them will load these presets into the Gradient Editor in Photoshop. You can then apply these gradients to create duotone images in Photoshop following the video tutorial listed at the beginning of this article.

26 Duotone Gradient Presets for Adobe Photoshop

6 duotone gradient presets for adobe photoshop

This free gradient preset contains 26 vibrant duotone color combinations.


40 Duotone Gradient Presets

13 duotone gradient presets

A collection 40 free duotone gradient presets to choose from.


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