18 Best Word Game Templates for Android

Playing word games is a favorite pastime of many. Be it either Word puzzle games, Word search games or the classic Crosswords, many of us are hooked onto these and play them regularly on our smartphones. If you want to capitalize on this opportunity and launch your own word game in the Android play store then choosing from one of the templates we have listed below will be a great idea.

These best word game templates will allow you to launch your very own word and vocabulary based games in the app marketplace and will save you a lot of time in developer fees as well as time. Our pick of word game projects come with full source code and graphic assets. You can easily re-skin and re-brand these android game templates to make them unique as per your liking. While you are checking out the list below, don’t forget to also check out our list of best Android app templates.

1. Word Brain Puzzle

2 Word Brain Puzzle by

This is a fully implemented Android word puzzle game built with Cocos2d-x. It features in-app purchases that provide coins and remove ads. You also get Words and GUI in 8 languages: English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Russian.

The game has 520 levels implemented in the code along with all the graphic assets that are easily customizable. You can also add new levels easily with the provided grid generator. A tutorial is also integrated that leads and teaches user how to play. Overall, the game is well made and addicting to play with freemium model and positive reinforcements.


2. Word Connect Android Game

4 Word Connect Android Game

This is a Word Connect game template available for the android platform and has a playable demo available in the play store too. The game features more than 10.000 levels in English and Turkish language. You can also add additional language and create your own levels with the given source code and levels generator.

The game offers animations, customizable Admob rewards and interstitial ads, along with In-app purchases for remove ads and getting bundles and coins. Designed for playing on both phones and tablets, this Word connect game is a well made game for the Android platform.


3. Online Word Quiz & Image Guess Puzzle Game

1 Online Word Quiz Image

This is an android template for creating an Online Word Quiz game with additional support for image and sound guess puzzles. The Android app template has support for adding an unlimited number of categories and an unlimited number of levels using an easy Admin Panel.

The app has been built with real-time Firebase database which allow you to update your puzzles online and get them reflected in the game. Each puzzle support 3 format (text + image + sound) and is integrated with AdMob Ads and In-App product to remove ads.


4. Crosswords with AdMob Template

Crosswords with AdMob Template

If you like crosswords then this crosswords Android game template will surely attract you. It has 100 crosswords built-in plus support for adding new crossword levels via TXT and JSON files. Coded in native Java for the Android platform this game template has integration with Admob for generating revenue.


5. Word Search Game with Admob (Android Studio and Eclipse)

Word Search Game with Admob Android Studio and Eclipse

Word search games are another hit among Android gamers. People play such games for long hours and hence such games make a good candidate for generating good revenue from on-screen banner ads. This word search game template will allow you to launch your own Word Searching game in the play-store along with Admob banner ads. It supports multiple game modes as well as board sizes and has leader-board as well as achievements built-in.


6. My Dictionary

3 My Dictionary 62 by

My Dictionary is a dictionary app template build with Material Design user interface for android. The template has in-build database for English-Indonesia language. It has integration with admob for monetizing. It has text to speech support. Adding and editing of words are also supported. Full Android Studio source code is available.


7. Offline Word Quiz for Android

5 Offline Word Quiz Image

Offline Word Quiz is an Android puzzle app lets you add unlimited number of levels. The puzzle can be added as text only, image only or both text and Image with offline SQLite database. The app is integrated with AdMob Ads and has In-App purchase to remove ads. You also get support for both LTR and RTL languages. Step by Step guide is provided for easy customization and re-skinning of the app.


8. Word Complete

6 Word Complete by CreativeDroids

This is a Word Completion game with 3 game modes – survival, time attack and arcade. It is easy to customize and has in-build database of more than 13000 words. You can easily add new words to the game using the source code provided. In game achievements and game notifications are also present. Integration with Admob banner and interstitial ads are also provided in the code. Further it includes support for in-app purchases and has been optimized for both phone and tablet gameplay.


9. Word Search Game with Admob

7 Word Search Game with

This is a fun word search game for the Android platform developed using Java, libGDX and Android Studio. It offers 3 game modes with multiple categories and leaderboards support. Achievements and analytics are also integrated with the app. You also get banner as well as interstitial ad support from Admob and Appbrain. Reskinning guide is also provided with the app source code and images.


10. 2 Pics 1 Word

1 2 Pics 1 Word

This is an implementation of popular game style with 2 image clues leading to 1 word. You get Android studio project with Admob ads integration and pure native Java source code. The app has been built for easy customization and offers support for push notifications and firebase analytics.


11. Word Connect Puzzle

9 Word Connect Puzzle

This is a Word Connect Puzzle game template build with Unity for multi-platform support including Android and iOS. This is a complete game with game designer, sound, effects and gameplay. Over 300 attractive different levels are implemented and it support Admob banner and interstitial ads as well as rewarded ads. IAP and notifications has also been integrated with the code and a well-made level editor will also you to easily customize and add levels in the game.


12. Hidden Words – Word Search Game Unity Template

10 Hidden Words Word Search

Hidden Words is a highly addictive word search game built with Unity. It is ready to publish app template with easy reskin support. You get IAP system, level editors and Abmob integration. Clear documentation, video guide and demo apk bundle is also provided.


13. Words Quiz Game

11 Words Quiz Game by

This is a word quiz game built with Android Studio and Firebase. In the app template, you will get Android code, php code and psd design for the application. The game template includes splash screen and support for multiple languages. You can try the admin panel and the demo game before making the premium purchase.


14. Crossword + Generator

Crossword and Generator

This is a modern HTML5 crossword puzzle along with a crossword generator. This game can run on desktop as well as mobile devices using the HTML5 canvas. A separate application is provided to generate the crossword puzzle grid.


15. Word Puzzle Game

Word Puzzle Game

This is a Word Puzzle HTML5 game built with the Construct 2 game engine. You can publish this game on Android using the Cordova export option. The game is easy to re-skin and to add more words. 267 levels in 7 sections are already included in the game source code.


16. Words Game with AdMob

Words Game with AdMob

This is an Android word game template which features dragging the letters to complete the word. The game is coded in pure Java in Android Studio. You can customize all words as you want by editing a TXT file included with the source code.


17. Fives – Android Universal Word Game Template

Fives Android Universal Word Game Template

Fives is a Android Universal word game template with support for Admob banner ads. It is a 5-letter word game where you have to rush and make as many words as you can within the game timer. Every time you match a word the timer decreases its time. It has the possibility to add multiple languages, the user guide explains how to localize the game and set up lists of words for different languages. The device will detect its current language and show the words accordingly. Words are stored in strings.xml files based on selected language.


18. Rearrange Letters – HTML5 Game

Rearrange Letters HTML5 Game

Rearrange Letters is an HTML5 game built with CreateJS. In this game you can arrange the letters and make the right word by given description as a clue. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device.


We hope that with these different options for Android Word Game source code and templates, you would be able to create a game that ranks among the best word games for Android. Most of these templates are easy to customize even if you are new to Android development.

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