5 Shipping Methods For Your Business Explained

shipping methods

Today, there are practically no people who don’t use delivery services, because this is a high-quality and affordable. The number of virtual stores is growing; real transport is needed to move the goods to the buyer.

International shipping has become a real necessity for many E-commerce owners and offline businesses. Every businessman is looking for the best and cost-effective logistics solution, so this topic is always relevant.

What are the ways of cargo transportation?

Finding the right vehicle to transport your goods between different countries can be the main way to save you money on transportation costs.

There is no one vehicle or universal delivery method to save money on international cargo transportation services for entrepreneurs, but in this article there are some tips from professional logisticians who will surely help you find the right and cheaper opportunity of transport companies.

How to choose the best logistics solution?

The choice of delivery method depends on the distance of the route and the characteristics of the transported cargo. To choose the best delivery method to another city or country, you need to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each method. 

  1. The advantages of air delivery are:
  • the shortest possible time (sometimes – within a day);
  • high level of reliability and safety;
  • lack of transit clearance when crossing borders.

The disadvantages are:

  • restrictions on certain categories of cargo (hazard class, dimensions);
  • strict requirements for packaging;
  • high price.

Usually logistics companies choose this delivery method to send documents or small orders. This method is fast, but quite expensive and has a number of limitations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

2. The main advantages of road transport are:

  • affordable price;
  • efficiency; 
  • mobility.


  • an expensive solution for long distances;
  • the influence of other factors that may affect the time of delivery of the goods.

Automobile transport is capable of delivering cargo to its destination in the shortest possible time. It’s a good choice if you are shipping small cargo or perishable goods within the country.

3. The advantages of delivery by rail are:

  • no restrictions on the type of transported products;
  • complete independence from weather conditions;
  • the highest level of security;
  • low cost of the service;
  • regular and accurate train schedule.

The only drawback of railway transportation is the remoteness of the place of unloading to potential recipients, therefore, it’s necessary to involve other types of transport. 

4. The advantages of sea delivery are:

  • the lowest cost of services;
  • wide geography and any distance;
  • the only alternative to air transport when delivering between continents;
  • ease of handling (due to containers);
  • versatility in terms of transported goods.

Sea transportation also has its drawbacks:

  • dependence on weather conditions;
  • too long terms (up to a month or more);
  • limited ports.

This is one of the cheapest ways to transport anything, especially thanks to the freeport yves bouvier. It’s an excellent solution for wholesale purchases of goods from the manufacturer, which will allow you to reduce the cost of goods, due to cheap delivery and lower costs of purchasing goods.

5. The advantages of multimodal transportation are:

  • simplified customs procedures;
  • pre-planned and calculated route;
  • reduction of costs due to the variability of logistics schemes.

The disadvantages of this type of cargo transportation are:

  • the complex stage of preparation;
  • requirements for packaging, which must withstand repeated unloading and loading.

This method is the fastest and most inexpensive, but it isn’t possible without the help of a professional logistician.

Logistics and delivery of cargo isn’t an easy service requiring special knowledge. Starting from how to choose a transport for the carriage of goods and ending with the paperwork for the goods in accordance with all the rules and requirements of customs in different countries. 

Many entrepreneurs find outsourcing logistics services the best solution to save their money and time on transportation and delivery of goods to other cities or countries. Read more: Advantages of Mobile Logistics Management

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