Want to Supercharge Your Tech Career? Earn A Masters In Applied Economics!

supercharge tech career

If you are working in a nice, settled tech job, there is a good chance that you already have your undergraduate degree. Be that in computer science or any number of other tech-related degrees.

With an undergraduate degree, you are put on the same footing as thousands of graduates every year, thousands of graduates who are fighting for a few hundred great jobs. What if there was a way you could supercharge your tech career and beat out the competition?

There is, by taking an Applied Economics Master’s degree, and here’s how it can benefit you.

Get Set for Tech

The tech world is changing at a rapid pace and, while your undergrad degree was a great way to get your foot in the door, a master’s degree from an institution like Boston College is a great way to put yourself ahead of the game. You can find out more about Boston College’s own Applied Economics MSc by following the link: https://appliedeconomics.bc.edu/

An Applied Economics degree is good for a tech career because it does not focus on the details of one area or one system like a computer science degree may do. Instead, you will be tasked to look at the bigger picture, explore big ideas, and immerse yourself in the world of big data.

Topics such as environmental economics, financing (both public and managerial), and even touching on government role in economics.

Applied Economics Career Choices

An applied Economics degree is a versatile qualification that lends itself very well to a huge range of career choices, most often careers that pay very well on the higher end of the seniority ladder.

It is a transferable degree that trains you for a long and rewarding career in many different spheres. Applied Economics graduates can typically be found in the following careers.


Taking what you have learned and sharing that knowledge with the next generation of undergraduates. 

Teaching is a great opportunity for graduates to invest in their own learning, as there is usually a fair amount of research that goes into the role of an applied economics teacher, but it is a challenging career. Many Applied Economics teachers will be part-time, splitting their teaching career with another public sector career.

Jobs in Tech

The very nature of an Applied Economics course is in analysis, and this is something that lends itself very well to many careers in the technology field.

Being able to interpret data and make recommendations based on those findings is a skill that many companies need to work in their tech teams and drive change from within.

Working in Analytics

Applied Economics degrees lend themselves well to careers that involve a high understanding of analytics and statistics.

Working within organizations or as a freelance consultant, graduates will be used to working with big data and turning numbers into stories for all kinds of brands and companies, helping them increase their revenue and achieve their own business goals.

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