18 Best Quiz and Trivia Android App Templates

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Increasing reach of Android smartphone has ensured the growth of Android app marketplace and thus you are sure to find more and more users installing Android apps through the Google Play Store. Quiz and Trivia apps are generally liked by every Android user as they not only offer a form of entertainment but also allow the user to learn something new.

While there are many Quiz and Trivia apps in the Android marketplace, there is always space for something new and refreshing. If you have an app idea which is based on Quiz and Trivia format then we have selected here some of the best Android Quiz and Trivia app templates. These best Android app templates provide you with the necessary source code and starter project to help you build and launch your own apps.

The templates we have selected below are perfect for building an Android app which offers Q&A form of interface which includes, quizzes, IQ tests, Surveys, trivia game or tutorial quiz. You can download these templates from leading marketplace (links given below preview image) and be assured to receive a good quality starter project based on your needs. Additionally, you can get support from the developers of these apps when you get stuck with anything.

1. Quiz Online for Android and Web

1 Quiz Online by WRTeam

This is a full featured premium android app template which features an online quiz. It is available for both android platform as well as for the web. It includes well design app along with a powerful admin panel which can be used to customize and add Quiz questions. The app can be easily used to create BFF Quiz, Aptitude tests, Sports Quiz, Education quiz, Personality quiz and any other trivia exercise. The app features online battles, custom leaderboards, re-skinning support, as well as adding in-app purchase products.


2. Quiz Power – Android Quiz App Template

2 Quiz Power by arkayapps

Quiz Power is an android quiz app template with single question and four answer options. You can add your own questions and answers in the app using the PHP admin panel or SQLite database. The app template is built with Android Studio and supports Google AdMob Integration as well as Google Game Service with leaderboard and achievements.


3. Quizix – Android Quiz App Template

Quizix Android Quiz App

Quizix is an android quiz app with native UI offering latest features of Android platform. It supports text based questions as well as photo questions with two, three or four answer options. You can easily add your category and questions using the back-end provided with the application and all remaining tasks will be done by the app.


4. Mobi Quiz – Practice Test Evaluate Your Learning

Mobi Quiz Practice Test Evaluate Your Learning

Mozi Quiz is a mobile quiz application for the Android platform which supports mock tests, practice questions and skill evaluation questionnaire. Administration of questions can be done easily with an Excel sheet which gets synced using any public cloud. You can add images to the quiz questions and can easily put questions in categories. The quiz functionality of this app can work when offline too.


5. Quiz Marathon – Trivia with CMS Android

Quiz Marathon Trivia with CMS Android

Quiz Marathon is a trivia game app for android and amazon kindle with a CMS backend. You can easily add your own categories and questions in the CMS and then export an .apk file which can be published on Google Play Store, without the need of editing any code.


6. Quiz App with Earning System + Admin Panel

3 Quiz App with Earning

This is a Quiz app template for Android with earning system integrated. It also has an Admin panel for easy management of categories and questions. You also get support for AdMob native and rewarded video ads along with Facebook Audience network adds. Bulk uploading of questions via CSV has also added for convenience. The app support 6 languages out of the box and provides full video documentation.


7. Online Word Quiz, Image & Sound Guess Puzzle Game

4 Online Word Quiz Image

Online Word Quiz is a guessing game for image and sounds. This puzzle game for Android supports adding unlimited number of categories and unlimited number of levels inside each category. You also get Firebase real-time database as backend and admin panel support. Leaderboard and user-profiles have also been added in the app along with AdMob Ads, In-app products and compliance with GDPR. Support for LTR and RTL languages are also included.


8. Quiz App with Reward, Ads and Lucky Wheel

5 Android Quiz App with

This is a Android quiz app template with reward Ads (Quiz, Lucky Wheel, Earn Point, Leaderboard, Lucky Spin). It is fully native application using the latest features of Android platform. You get integration with Firebase, OneSignal push notifications and AdMob support. Upon downloading, you get latest Android Studio code with material design UI.


9. Offline Quiz for Android

6 Offline Quiz by WRTeam

This is a 100% offline working quiz app for Android. You get full android source code with leaderboard & achievements. PSD design files are also provided in the download.


10. Quiz Mobile (Mutual Quiz Challenge)

7 Quiz Mobile Mutual Quiz

With Quiz Mobile, you can create mutual quiz challenge with real-time support and friends list. You also get a reward system and chat plugin. The app is also capable of daily tasks and in-app store for purchases via rewards availed through playing game or watching ads. The developers provide free installation of admin panel and configuration of the app upon downloading the premium license.


11. Guess Image Quiz with Earning System

8 Guess Image Quiz with

This is a image guessing game with earning system. You get AdMob and Facebook Ads support along with easy management via the Admin Panel. Social AUTH has been built into the app using Facebook and Google login. 4 languages are supported out of the box and video documentation is provided for easy customization.


12. Football World Cup Quiz – HTML5 Game

Football World Cup Quiz HTML5 Game

This is a Football world cup quiz based app template which has been made using the HTML5 platform. This easy to edit quiz is supported on all mobile devices as well as on the desktop browsers.


13. Quiz Game – HTML5 Game

Quiz Game HTML5 Game

This is an HTML5 based quiz game with free general knowledge quiz questions and multiple choice answers. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. It has a built-in editor and supports quiz in various formats such as IQ Test, Idiot Test etc.


14. QuiziT – Native Android Multi Category Quiz App

QuiziT Native Android Multi Category Quiz App

QuiziT is a native android quiz app template which supports multiple categories, offline quiz, push notifications, AdMob and RTL languages. You can add your questions in JSON based files without the need of editing the code.


15. Kids Quiz – Android App Template

Kids Quiz App Android Template

Kids Quiz is a quiz app template for Android with text and image type question and four options. The app helps kindergarten teacher, class 1 to 5 teacher in creating quiz for his/her subject. This app template is easy to re-skin and change questions, just add question on Firebase database panel. You get full source code with Android Studio Build for the project along with PSD design and full documentation.


16. Brain Game – Quiz with Time Limit

Brain Game Quiz with Time Limit

Brain Game is an Android Quiz App template with material design and timer based levels. The app’s source code includes instructions on how to add your own questions and supports unlimited levels. It is integrated with Admob and provides Android Studio based native code.


17. Tutorial App with Quiz – Native Android Offline Learning App

Tutorial App with Quiz

This is a tutorial app template which supports quiz and learning. You don’t need programming to customize this app as the content can be easily added using online HTML editor. It supports unlimited categories and subcategories and offline search facilities. Push notification as well as support for RTL languages are also provided.


18. Image Quiz – App Template with Material Design

Image Quiz App Template with Material Design

This is an Image Quiz app template which is fully native, and has been built using the latest features of Android platform to provide the best user experience. The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided. You can create your own applications like company logo quiz, famous logo quiz, cartoon logo quiz, celebrity quiz etc.


We hope that we were able to provide you with many different options regarding Android quiz and trivia apps. Most of these templates are easy to customize even if you are new to Android development. Do check out our collections of Android Quotes App Templates and Android Game Templates for more options.

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