12 Quotes App Templates for Android with Source Code (Free and Premium)

Quotes by famous personalities are a good way to motivate as well as engage with friends and families on social networks and messaging platforms. A lot of Quote apps are popular on Android and are used by many users to get daily quotes inspiration and motivation. With our list of free and premium Android quote app templates you will be able to build and publish your own Quotes app in the Play Store.

All the app templates given below offer downloadable source code which can be opened with Android Studio and customized to add new quotes as well as to change the look and feel of these apps. There are many other Android App Templates available which can help you build all kind of apps including social, dating, news, live TV and radio apps. If you are new to Android development, you can refer to Google’s getting started guide for Android.

You can find many free quotes on the internet, for example, we have embedded one such quote image below which we found on GraphicFlip.

Motivational Quote Poster
Motivational Quote Poster

Let us take a look at various quotes app templates built for Android below. We have selected both free as well as premium app templates. A free template has been marked as such in the title of the template. We hope that you are able to pick one of the templates below and publish your own apps for Daily Quotes, Inspirational Quotes or something similar in the Play Store.

Quotes Diary – Android App

quotes diary android app

Quotes diary is a premium Android app template which has been built with Android design principles i.e. Material Design. It presents quotes in different categories like inspirational quotes, happiness quotes, birthdays quotes, success quotes and many other. It has support for different languages including RTL language support.

An admin panel is provided with the app template which can be used to regularly upload and update quotes image and text. Users can like, share, save as well as set the quote image as wallpaper on their Android device. Apart from filtering quotes by categories, top liked quotes and latest quotes can also be seen by the users. Push Notifications are also integrated and you can use the admin panel to send them. AdMob Ads integration has also been done with the app. You get the project as Android Studio code. Overall, this is one of the most feature complete quotes app you can find.

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Daily Quotes (Free)

daily quotes android app

This is an open source Android app which features various quotes such as Inspirational, Motivational, Love, Funny, Sports etc. Sharing on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp is supported by this application and it also has supports for notifications. The project is MIT licensed and the source code is available for free download from GitHub.

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NGXP Quotes App (Free)

nxgp quotes app

This is another MIT licensed Open Source Android app template which has been built with Angular and NativeScript. Due to the use of NativeScript, this Quotes application can be published on Web as well as on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS with single code base. The back-end data of Quotes is fetched using Firebase and the user is able to save his favorite quotes on local device.

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Success Quotes

success quotes

Success Quotes is a premium Android app template supported on old as well as new Android versions. An admin panel is provided with the app template to help you add more quotes as well as authors. Users can get new quotes directly from the server without the need of updating the app. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, e-mail and WhatsApp is supported. AdMob integration is also provided with the app source code.

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The Quotes Garden

quotes garden

The quotes garden is a native Android app template which features quotes such as motivational, success, inspirational etc. which are helpful in personal development. The quotes are stored in a SQLite database and you can add unlimited quotes, authors and categories. The project is available for Android Studio and features Material Design. Integration with Google Analytics and AdMob is provided with the template.

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Quotes Android App

quotes android app

This Quotes Android app has a user-friendly interface and supports listing quotes by Authors as well as Categories. You can easily add new quotes using the admin dashboard provided with the app source code. AdMob integration as well as integration with OneSignal Push Notifications are there.

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Quotes Pro With Material Design

quotes material app template

This is another well designed premium app template which you can use to create your own Quotes app. Quotes listing can be filtered by Categories, Author as well as latest and favorite quotes (saved by user). Easy to use Admin side, written in PHP and MySQL, is provided for adding new quotes and categories. Included with the source code download is PSD design file as well as full documentation.

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Daily Inspiration Quotes

daily inspirational quotes

Daily Inspiration quotes is a beautifully designed Android app which features a daily quote, image, video as well as advice. You can control the app using the easy to use Admin Panel provided with the source code. Sharing on social networks is integrated into the app along with integration with AdMob Ads.

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Quotes Card Maker

quotes card maker app

Quotes Card Maker is a unique app template which allows your users to design and create a Quote image. Users can write the quote, author and select font as well background image to create a Quote card which they can share with their friends on social networks. This Android Studio project integrates with AdMob banner as well as interstitial ads.

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Insta Quotes - Social App

InstaQuotes is a Social Quotes sharing app template which is much like Instagram. It is an Android Universal App Template where you can post your own quotes and sayings and get involved in a funny community. You can also browse posts from other users, see their profiles, like and share their quotes to popular social networks.

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Quote of the Day (Free)

quote of the day app

This is a simple Android application code that lets user flip through random quotes from a static file based database. 400+ quotes are included with the source code and you can add your own quotes in the file. The app code is open source and available for free under Apache License 2.0 from GitHub.

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The Office Quotes (Free)

office quotes app

This is another Open source and free Android app template which features hilarious quotes from the hit TV show. You can share the quotes from the app via e-mail, text (SMS), Tweet, or post a quote to your favorite social networking site. As the license is not specified for this app, do make sure to contact the author before using this app template for your own app.

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Did you find a good Quotes app template to build an Android app from our collection? Do make sure to check out other Android app source code templates as well as Android game source code templates that we have on our site. Feel free to add in comments about the apps you build with any of the templates given above.

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