Best 11 Android Game Templates – Android Studio, HTML5 & Unity

Producing an engaging and popular game requires tedious amount of planning, design as well as development. To ease this process, you can resort to starting from a pre-made game template and then build upon it to add your own game logic as well as monetization options such as ads and in-app purchases. This can save you countless hours of game designing and development. In this post, we are presenting the best 15 Android game templates which are available as HTML5, Unity and Android Studio Projects.

Android is a hugely popular platform and a large number of apps downloaded from the Google Play Store consists of Games. Tapping into this huge market requires you to produce a professional quality game which can retain users and collect good reviews from them. If you don’t have a large game studio and access to game designers, then choosing to start with a game template is a good idea, as it will allow you to skip the initial phases of design and development and will let you plan around the final stages.

Game Development for Android is possible in a variety of ways some of which are HTML5 games, a game built with Unity or a game built with Android Studio. Each of them has its own set of benefits: HTML5 and Unity games can be developed and published on multiple platforms while an Android Studio game will give you access to all the native APIs and toolset offered by Android. Once you have made your decision about which game development platform to use, you can have a look at the following game templates for Android and find the right fit for you.

Android Studio Game Templates

Building a game with Android Studio requires the knowledge of Java and you are able to take advantage of full capabilities of the Android Platform as well as the debugging capabilities offered by Android Studio. Below, you will find our top picks for games built with Android Studio that you can buy for building your own game.

Tic Tac Toe – Android Game Source Code

tic tac toe game source code for android

This is an Android game version of the popular Tic-Tac-Toe game which is usually played with a pen and pencil. The template offers two player mode as well as play against computer. You can also easily integrate AdMob in this game template.

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Sliding Puzzle – Android Game Source Code

sliding puzzle android code

Puzzle games are another popular genre among games and if you are looking forward to building a puzzle game then this sliding puzzle game built with Android Studio is a great way to start game development.

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HTML5 Game Templates for Android

HTML5 games are gaining popularity due to its support across browsers on all platforms and devices. With the help of a hybrid app development tool such as Cordova you can publish these apps in the app store. An HTML5 game development tool such as Scirra Construct allows you to build and edit such games without the need of coding. Below, we have listed some of the best HTML5 game templates you can download the source code for and launch one of your own.

Indiara and the Skull Gold

indiara skull gold game

Treasure hunting game is a popular genre which attracts a lot of gamers. Indiara is built around the concept of finding and collecting ancient artifacts. This game template has high resolution graphics and has 8 different levels. All the graphic assets used in the game are available for download with the source code.

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Bubble Shooter

bubble shooter game

Bubble shooting games are probably one of the biggest hits in app store and with this HTML5 game template, you are only 1 step away from launching one of your own. Built with CreateJs, this game has been optimized for both mobile devices as well as desktop.

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Game FlapCat Steampunk

flapcat steampunk game

You may have heard about the success of Flappy Bird. This game FlapCat allows you to build your own version of  HTML5 game similar to Flappy Bird and launch it on Android as well as other platforms. Built with Construct2, the game code is easy to edit and modiy.

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Dont Crash

dont crash car game

What we have here is a fast faced, car crash avoidance game controlled by a single tap. You get access to Contruct2 .capx file and all the vector assets in AI format.

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Panda Love

panda love html5

Panda Love is an adventure platformer game featuring pixel art graphics. This HTML5 mobile game template includes 20+ levels and has one touch control. Built with Construct2, the game is supported across all platforms (mobile, desktop, etc).

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Unity Game Templates for Android

Unity is a game engine which allows you to build professional quality 3D as well as 3D games. Below, we have selected the best Unity games with source code for you to get started with building games on Android as well as other platforms.

Master Ninja – Unity Game Source Code

This is a platformer game which involves avoiding obstacles in a side-way running fashion. This game is powered with a UI Game Manager which allows you to easily edit the game in Unity. You also get access to AI files along with images, music and font files.

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Temple Runner – Unity Game Source Code

temple runner unity game

If you ever wondered how to build a game like Temple Run for mobile devices, then this game template built in Unity will let you build your own infinite running game. Integrated with AdMob, this game’s source code is easy to reskin with different characters and maps. All textures and full documentation are included with the code download of the game.

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InfiniMATH – Math Puzzle Game Unity Template


Math puzzles and good brain teaser games are liked by everyone. This math puzzle Unity game template has a cleanly built game interface which is easy to customize and integrate with ads. You can also design your own levels to enhance the gameplay.

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Dragon Killer Unity Game Source Code

dragon killer unity game source

This is an archery game which involves simple tap to play controls. You get 3 initial heroes, 2 environment packs and 2 initial dragons to shoot at. Daily quest reward is also supported along with support for AdMob ads and Unity ads.

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Making your Game Addicting and Enjoyable

While the game templates listed above will help you get started with your own games, you may want to take a look at following resources which will help you make your game addicting and enjoyable for your user.

We hope that you found the game template you were looking for. We also made a collection of best Android app templates which can help you develop apps such as e-commerce app, news app, radio app, live TV or a cookbook app for Android platform.

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