Add a Chat or a Forum and Improve the Traffic to Your Website

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One of the many ways you can improve traffic to your e-commerce site and improve sales and conversions is to send people to your site to connect with other people through chat rooms and forums. Many people like to go to chat rooms or forums, so that their voices are heard, or to offer useful suggestions, or even to find answers to questions that other people have already asked. Having a forum or chat room on your website might be ideal for attracting that extra traffic. Below you will find some products and services that are useful when talking about chat rooms or forums.

PhpBB – Open Source Bulletin Board Software

PhpBB is a free and open source open-board software forum, which allows you to modify it according to your needs. It allows people to stay in touch and possibly improve their entire website. With this free software, you get a large database of user-created modifications and a style database that allows you to customise your card with hundreds of different styles and image packages available. You can make the forum yours and unique in a few minutes.

They claim to offer a greater variety of functionality than any other bulletin board software, keeping the software fast, efficient, and easy to use. If you go to their website, you can try their demo to see how it works. In addition, you can even place ads on your forum, including Google AdSense ads. If you have questions that need answered, you can visit your community forum, and communicate with staff members, as well as with other members of the PhpBB community.

MyBB: Software for Open Source Forums

MyBB defines itself as, “free and open source software, intuitive, extensible and extremely powerful for the forums”. It is easy to use for you as a creator and administrator of the forum site, as well as for your users. People who add information or ask questions using this forum software find it extremely easy. It uses a standard discussion panel structure that is more familiar to users of electronic bulletin boards, allows users to change the way they view discussions, allows administrators to edit online and control discussions using moderation features, and more. As an administrator, you can change the design, behavior, structure and other options of your discussion forum. Prevent certain users from publishing, set a time limit between publications, and allow users to place a signature in their publications. You can also find a wide range of add-ons for personal use, which only take a few minutes to install, many of which were created by the user.

Themeforest – Forum Templates

Themeforest offers a variety of different models and themes for all occasions. Not only WordPress themes, but Joomla templates, Magento themes, HTML-based themes, etc. but they have a variety of models with different functions in mind, among which there are beautiful models that you can use to host your site’s forum. They have over 15,000 themes and templates which you can choose from, for all different purposes and for a minimum of $3. They even offer a free file every month as a promotion to show off your work. They present models and themes for all purposes, including corporate, retail, non-profit, entertainment, personal, mobile, e-mail, landing pages, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. With the large number of different possibilities offered by Themeforest, you cannot go wrong: it is impossible NOT to find a theme or model that works for you or your desired purpose.

RocketTheme – Forum Templates

With RocketTheme, you can always find excellent models that you can use for all your forum needs. They offer the best in different architectures of website platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PhpBB3, blog templates and numerous extensions available for all the development purposes of your website. This includes the use of a variety of attractive and easy-to-use forum templates that you can use for all your forum needs. There is always something good to choose from on RocketTheme.

At the launch of Azure stack in New Zealand, experts claimed that using classified shipping services, you can submit your ad and website to over half a million advertising sites each month. They will present their advertisement in over 50 forums, over 85 search engines, over 250 web directories, over 80 FFA sites, over 550 classified ad sites and over half a million (500,000+) websites, and will continue to do so every month as long as you continue to use this service. This will allow many potential buyers and other customers to find your products, services, online stores or other e-commerce sites, including through forums. It will also eliminate the laborious task of sending advertisements individually to all websites, instead you log in and allow classified contributions to do the job.


HostGator is a web hosting provider that makes web hosting easy and convenient for its customers. With hosting package prices starting at $3.96 per month (selling price), including domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, an easy-to-use control panel to develop your own website, script installation, 4500 free website templates, technical support, offers that include up to $100 in Google AdWords advertising and a 45-day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with HostGator. They also host VPS and dedicated servers for your personal or business needs.

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