All You Need To Know About Papershift Time Tracking Software

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Tired of tracking employees’ attendance via long spreadsheets? Ever thought of tracking your employees digitally? Well, we have the solution! 

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What is time tracking? 

It is one the most essential and required concepts utilized by many organizations where employees can keep a record of their working hours to help an easy planning and management of their job. 

This employee monitoring tool has been used by many multinational companies at higher efficiency than expected. Book your slot today to know more about this amazing and effortless employee time tracking software. 

Pros of having a time tracking software

  • It gives the proof that work has been completed.
  • It smartly designs the budget.
  • Keep track of hours which are to be billed, i.e., accounting the time minute by minute. 
  • Improves efficacy and productivity.
  • Effortless monitoring of work hours.
  • Time saving.
  • No longer dealing with messy and paper based timesheets. 
  • Records work time of employees centrally at all locations. 
  • Bank balance of employees is automatically managed. 
  • Ensurity of security, transparency and accuracy. 
  • Automatically record working times from shift schedules and allows employees to make the required corrections. 
  • Editing timesheets.
  • Adding notes. 
  • Approving shift timings. 
  • Combines all the systems altogether for smooth operation. It collects all the logged in times and stores them at a single place. 
  • It also has a payroll module feature which automatically calculates employees gross pay which includes public holidays and much more. 
  • It exports all the data in various formats. Hence, it takes care of your payroll accounting. 
  • It has a wide range of reporting options for tracking the shift time. It analyzes all the information and generates reports like staff cost per work or hours worked per area. 
  • It is easy and fun to utilize this software. You can easily check your guidelines and resources for accurate and effortless payroll. 
  • Improves profitability. 
  • Better planning of the workforce. 

This tool is not only specifically designed for industries or companies, but this smart software is beneficial to employees as well. They log in online directly from anywhere via their pc’s or tablets by entering a PIN. They can define which IP address is authorized, if required. 

There are various other benefits to the employees like no clocking in before the shift starts; clocking out automatically; regulating legal break timings. 

This tool also prevents employees from extra work hours. They clock in and clock out automatically as per the shift schedules. It keeps track of all clock-in and clock-out times including all the breaks taken. 

Flexible monitoring software for all industries 

We have our patrons from small scale as well as from large scale industries and from a wide range of companies. Each of these industries have individual requirements according to their employees’ shift hours and Papershift provides the flexible monitoring of employees in an effortless manner. 

Additionally, we have good feedback from our customers across the world. 

What is better than employees logging in on time by just using a mobile app? Papershift is the best move towards handling long employee work timesheets. 


Hence, one can grow their business by tracking their employees’ work time in a simple and accurate manner with fast and flexible assessment of work capacity and employee productivity. Employee time tracking is the necessary practice for all the industries to track real time of their employees. Companies are increasingly embracing this practice to digitally track shift timings. 

Nowadays, it has become increasingly important to make an investment in a cloud-based employee time tracking system. Papershift time tracking software ensures this up to the mark and allows flexibility, i.e. automate your process as much as possible.

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