Amazon Tablets: Runner up of Q3 projected shipments

Amazon Tablets: Runner up of Q3 projected shipments “Survival of the fittest” – this is the mantra of the Gen-Now. In recent times, we hear a lot of news about various products that are being unveiled in the tech-market. Just like daily commodities smartphones are also sold. The main reason behind this is competitive disadvantage.

Yup, competitive advantage is no longer applicable to the current generation companies. They must develop something or another that turns the users attention towards their organization. This is what Amazon is up to in the recent days. As a result it has unveiled its new tablet.

Just in the month of May Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos responded to consumer reports’ query about launching Amazon’s own tablet. Now within a couple of months not only Amazon has launched its own tablet but also has bagged the second place in the shipment figures for the third quarter.

Amazon’s new tablet is averred to be having color LCD touch panel instead of the conventional black & white E-ink panel which is the trademark of Amazon’s Kindle. There is also a rumor stating that the new tablet would have E-ink’s fringe field switching technology (LCD). However this stunning featured tablet is in no way halting the production and sales of Amazon’s Kindle. Whatever may be the features, Amazon has achieved one thing as soon as the launch of its tablet. In the shipment of iPads and tablets Amazon is in number two position behind the iPad King Apple.

Amazon is at the cutting edge of all the tablets such as Google’s Androids (Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad and even Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. The shipment details for the third quarter for the various tablets are as follows; Apple – 14-15 million units; Amazon – 1-1.2 million units; Other phones (such as Droids and Galaxy tabs) – 700,000 – 950,000 units.

The iPhone king Apple has increased the products to be shipped from 10.5 million (as in second quarter) to nearly 15 million units. The total number of tablets (inclusive of Amazon) to be shipped in Q3 is about 21 million. This clearly shows a striking rise of 7 million from the 14 million units that was shipped in Q2.

Not only Apple has increased the units to be shipped, even the shipment of non-Apple iPads also rose drastically (in fact doubled) from 3-3.5 million to 7 million. Major credit goes to Amazon’s new venture. This achievement of Amazon seriously needs an ovation because no other non-Apple iPads have shipped these many units till date.

Sources say that the demand for Amazon Tablets is as high as 2 million. Therefore we can expect a revolution in sales of tablets from the month of August. Albeit Apple is very safe with its top position in both production and sales, the other tabs are now in grave danger due to Amazon tablets. If the Amazon tablets become a hit then who knows even Apple may move down from its throne. Let’s wait and watch whether Amazon tablets are making through in this cut throat environment.

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