5 Free Ways To Use Your Android Device To Enhance Your Life Effectively

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As we know Android is the greatest mobile platform. The number of its users is in millions. Every day more than one million new devices with Android is turned off for the first time. In the Google Play alone there are more than half a million apps. The potential behind this platform is practically unlimited.

Unfortunately, many users of Android (if not most) remain unaware of what their Android phones are really capable of. They don’t know that their once simple phones turned into multi-function devices which can enhance every aspect of their daily life.

That’s why in this article I will present 5 great and free apps for any Android phone or tablet which can dramatically improve everyone’s life in ways many never thought possible.

Stay organized with Cozi Family Calendar & Lists

This is much more than a regular calendar app. This is in fact your  4-in-1  family-organization-and-planning center.

Except for an advanced calendar, the app also comes with intuitive shopping lists which you can update and share with your family any time you need.  And this is not all. Cozi Family Calendar is also equipped  with shared to-do-lists which will let you remember about all your duties and daily tasks.

What if you want to memorize a special moment? Cozi also comes with a Family Journal in which you can jot down any special moment and attach a photo to it.

The beauty of this app is that every family member can access, update or modify shopping lists, to-do-list or the family journal from any device just using the Cozi account.  It seems that organization of family life has never been easier.

Widen your horizons while waiting in a queue with HowStuffWorks

This is a very popular app, but I guess it will still “make many people’s day” once they discover it. This is also a recent discovery of mine to which I got totally addicted. HowStuffWorks is a very simple app which lets you  widen your knowledge on any subject you want and anywhere you are.

The app gives us access to more than 30,000 articles, podcasts, quizzes and videos on practically any topic you can think of. You can use a search box to look for a specific term or use a list of featured articles, facts, quotes, quizzes or shows.

This is like a huge encyclopedia but in an extremely interesting and friendly form. Did you know that Barrow (Alaska) stays dark for 84 days from mid-November to late January? I’ve just learned it.

Read all the stuff you always read (blogs, magazines, newspapers etc.) in one place thanks to Pulse News.

This is yet another brilliant app which will make your reading trouble-free and let you safe lots of time. PulseNews ia a very user-friendly and pleasing-to-the-eye reader and a must-have for everyone who wants to get rid of traditional newspapers.

Once you install the app, all you  have to do is select a few categories of your interest and you can browse through colorful headlines of practically all the newspapers in the world.

What makes it  even  more comfortable is that you can also send your favorite articles to Instapaper, Read it Later, Evernoe or Pocket in one tap. Thanks to this app, you can fully focus on reading, not looking for interesting stuff to read.

Enjoy good health with 101 Ways to Be Healthy

Of course, you can use your Android device to increase productivity or be better organized. But did you know you can also use it to improve your health and acquire healthy habits?

Thanks to the brilliant app called 101 Ways to Be Healthy, you can discover many interesting facts about healthy lifestyle and acquire the most useful healthy habits. The app contains 101 extensive articles about what’s healthy and what’s not presented in an interesting way.

This is a must have for anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or “waking up” and changing their life for the better.

Achieve all your fitness goals thanks to Workout Trainer!

Would you like to keep fit and participate in some professional workout programs? Would you like to have a gym at your home?  All of this is now possible thanks to the Workout Trainer app.

The app gives you access to thousands of free and premium workout programs. Every program contains detailed instructions of how to do exercise together with audio, photo and video guidance. You can choose from a variety of programs depending on which part of your body you want to exercise and what your goals are (building muscles, strength or weight loss).

You don’t need to go to the gym any more. You can get in a shape of a professional sportsman at your home. All you need is your Android device,  this app and consistency.

And that is not all you can do

As you can see these five apps can tremendously improve various aspects of our daily life. And these are just 5 apps out of thousands of extremely useful ones.

That’s why if we are owners of an Android phone, we should definitely make most of our device and use it not only to text or have fun, but also to  stay organized, learn,  widen our horizons or lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it possible, but at arm’s length.

Olga Dudek is an Android enthusiast, app tester and writer. She tests tons of Android apps and games and is a newbie Android developer. She is the creator of In Love with Android.

9 thoughts on “5 Free Ways To Use Your Android Device To Enhance Your Life Effectively”

  1. Hi Olga Dudek,
    Well ,Android is world’s largest operating System which is popularly accessed by many users.Workout Trainer app is really amazing .!!Thanks

    • Hello Srikanth,
      Thanks for commenting. That’s true. Android’s still becoming more and more powerful and popular. It’s nice that we can make use of such a great number of brilliant apps it offers.

  2. I am so into Pulse News wherever I am. I can read the latest news and blogs while I am on the go. This is one app I would never wanna miss.

  3. Hello Felix!
    That’s exactly the beauty of Pulse News. You have access to tons of newspapers wherever you are and whenever you want. I also couldn’t live without it.

  4. HowStuffWorks is really a great Android app to enhance our life effectively, thanks Olga for sharing these great Android apps

    • Hello Bipul! You’re most welcome. HowStuffWorks is really brilliant. I wouldn’t be able to live without it. And it seems I am not the only one here.

  5. I think that Near-field communication is the wave of the future. While it was on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (hence the famous commercials where two users bump phones to share something), I think there is a world of untapped potential there, especially as NFC tags come down in price. I can think of so many uses for these little time-savers around my home and office, I can’t wait to start using them.

  6. Hello Olga,

    That’s the reason android became more popular in a short time. It can manage all our daily activity in scheduled way. It can improve various aspects of our daily life.

    • Hello Daniel!
      That’s is exactly the case. I see you perfectly understand my love for Android OS. Thanks. 🙂


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