Be Your Own Boss in the Tech Industry Without Learning to Code

be your own boss

Being your own boss is a dream for many people, but that entrepreneurial spirit often doesn’t come with a precise direction — just the conviction that they want that type of independence. Knowing what you want and not having direction can be stressful, but embrace it. Look to an industry that excites you and learn how you can enter its ranks.

Misconceptions About Tech

When it comes to the tech industry, you don’t actually need to be a tech whiz, a computer pro, or someone who dreams in programming. You don’t have to code, you don’t need a computer degree, and you don’t need to be good at computers. Plus, you can be as creative as you like.

There are other types of jobs beyond working in an office where you develop software or write code for someone else. You just have to get past your misconceptions so that you can see those possibilities. For some people, gaining entry into the tech world can be accomplished by doing what they do now and having the same basic career, but working for a tech company. Others will move to hire the knowledge they need to offer an app, build a website, or provide a service.

Career Options in the Tech Industry

The reality is that technology is opening many new career paths — in other industries as well as its own. The good news is that many of these roles are things that you can do as a freelancer or self-employed person, and many of them do not require a degree.

One option is digital marketing. Companies around the world hire small businesses and freelancers to write posts for social media. If visuals are more your thing, take that a step further and look into graphic design for technology companies. Either of these roles can be used to start your own business. If you do have some tech knowledge, experience, or interest, programming may be an option. Whether you simply design websites or create apps, there is a market for your talent — both as an employee and an independent. However, if you haven’t been working in tech or a creative field, don’t despair. Tech companies need business experience too. While this can take the form of consulting, it also happens in smaller ways, like being a contract project manager.

How to Become Your Own Boss

Take some time to identify the right business for your talents and pursue that career path. In general, this will either be something that you know how to do well (e.g., manage projects), something that you enjoy doing (e.g., designing websites), or something that solves a known issue.

This latter approach is tricky; you could get it wrong. The “As Seen on TV” aisle at your favorite store is filled with people who thought they had a million-dollar idea. The best idea is to either do a ton of research and business planning or stand on the shoulders of giants by following an established model.

Amway is a good example. The direct selling company has been around for decades, helping people find beauty and health products that meet their needs. Amway has been labeled a scam in the past, but the company successfully refuted those claims through social media and informative content. Today, its business model centers around technology and pairs perfectly with tech-savvy individuals.


If you’ve ever considered turning to the tech industry to make your start, there is no time like now. You can be your own boss in the tech industry. With the right technology, you can work anywhere, anytime and leverage your social media networks, website skills, and tech gadgets to help you succeed.

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