5 Best Email Verification Services For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Bulk email verification is one of the most important steps for the success of your email marketing efforts. However, a lot of specialists neglect this process, and this leads to unsatisfactory results. 

So, what is the value of bulk email verification, and how to implement it in your work? Find out in this article.

What Is A Bulk Email Verification Service And How Does It Work?

Email validation is the process of checking the email addresses of your recipients and ensuring that they are active, belong to real users, and are able to receive emails. 

Usually, bulk email verification software runs a few types of checks that analyze the email addresses from different points to determine their validity. These checks include:

  • domain/MX check;
  • role-based account detection;
  • disposable email address detection;
  • spam trap check;
  • DNSBL check.

How To Choose The Best Tool For Your Needs?

As email marketing becomes more and more popular, more email address validation services are created. Some are stand-alone, and others are integrated into other types of email software. The options are wide, so what aspects should you evaluate while choosing a bulk email verifier tool?

  • accuracy: how accurate are your checks and can you trust the results? 
  • level of control: how much flexibility and how wide is the functionality of the tool?
  • customer support: will you have access to specialists who will be able to help you in case of any issues?
  • integration: can this tool be integrated with other software you use?
  • price: is the price reasonable for the functionality you will get?

Who Are The Top 5 Bulk Email Verifiers?


This tool is designed to extract emails from websites, as well as allows you to use it as an email address verification service. It has high accuracy, and it is considered to be one of the best tools in the category.

Atomic Email Verifier Online

The convenient and easy-to-navigate online email verifier to run thorough checks of your email address base. It is also a part of Atompark Email Product which provides you with the full functionality you might need for email marketing.


It is a top email validation provider which guarantees the accuracy of 99 percent. Thanks to many types of checks and intuitive design, Zerobounce gives its customers an experience of full value.


MillionVerifier is a verification tool that provides one of the best pricing options on the market. It won’t charge you for catch-all or unknown emails, and it has the lowest price for a million verifications. 


Another great tool for email verification. It helps you to run checks simply and fast and provides you with a free trial and a great support team.


Using a bulk email verifier service is key to successful email marketing. Choose the tool that suits you the best and, with its help, ensure that every email message reaches its desired recipient.

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