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tech hardware review

You might be looking for a tech hardware review and guide website for any reason at all – you might be looking for a review on a product that you are considering buying, or you may simply want to learn more about the world of technology and to stay more up to date with it’s happenings. In this article, we’re going to take a look at those websites that offer exactly that! Read more reviews and information through


TechGuide is a website that informs the reader of everything technology related. First off, it has a “News” section.  Contained within this section is news on everything that technology could possibly be related to, encoding technology that is implementing and cars, films, as well as more commonly gaming consoles, gadgets, mobile phones, and personal computers.

The “Reviews” section of TechGuide is also great – it’s extremely easy to navigate and can be informative whether you’re looking for a review on a particular thing such as a new in-car system, and can also make for a great read if you’re just looking to see what new products are out and how well reviewed they are.


The blog section of TechRadar is a great place to go on a daily basis if you are looking to keep your hand in the technology world – it will keep you continually up-to-date, and you will find that you will read about technology related things that you would never have thought to should you not have visited! If you’re looking for hardware reviews and guides, TechRadar is the place to go – with the reviews section be extremely easy to find your way around, and easy to narrow down the listings to watch you would like to see. In terms of guidance, there is a huge amount on TechRadar too!

All of the reviews of products have a look at general usability, as well as in the ‘News’ section – new hardware products are covered, and each review will go through how to use the product.

Toms Guide

For guidance and reviews on the best new and up-and-coming tech hardware, there really is no better place to go than Toms Guide.

Toms Guide has a section that is dedicated to providing guides on all things technological – from products to games and social networks. If you’re looking for hardware reviews, you cannot go wrong with Toms Guide.

In their “Product Reviews” section is listed a vast number of categories on which products have been reviewed – these include gaming hardware, televisions, headphones, soundbars, speakers, cameras, wearables, personal computers, as well as smartphones. On selecting a subcategory (for example “Headsets” in “Gaming”), you will see that all reviews our beautifully laid out and easy to read. Also, when a sub category is selected, you will quickly see what Toms Guide recommends as the best for you products of that type that are available for different budgets.

In terms of hardware advice and guidance, Toms Guide also has a very active forum – on this, a mass of information can be found on all things that you can imagine related to technology and hardware.

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