13 Ways for Time-Crunched Bloggers to Lose Weight and Blog Better

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Like a lot of bloggers, I’m a night owl. I have a day job as well, and I find that I get my best writing done when I’m alone in a dark house.

When I’m up working late writing about how to make money online, I sometimes turn the television on for some comforting background noise.

Late-late-night television tends to be a lot of infomercials, and a lot of very muscular men and women yelling at me, telling me it only takes X amount of time to get these rippling abs or X amount of money to find my perfect diet.

I know about several diets like Medifast or Nutrisystem and I know they work, but diet is not enough. Exercise is important if you want to stay healthy and be more effective as a blogger.

While I frantically rummage around for my credit card, I realize that the tightness in my hamstrings and low back probably mean I should start with more practical movement, increase my flexibility and strengthen the muscles that really matter before working on those vanity abs.

How bloggers can fit exercise into their schedule?

Here’s a short presentation:

I’m still tempted by the infomercial guy’s promise of a small time commitment to health. We’re busy people.

So, with some trial and error and some help from a personal trainer, here are a few ways to fit fast, functional exercise into your busy daily life.

  1. Play more. If you have kids or can borrow someone else’s, play a game of one-on-one basketball or kick a soccer ball around. Activities like these get you moving and increase your heart rate, speeding your metabolism and giving you a healthy dose of mood-enhancing endorphins.
  2. Go for a walk. If this sounds silly or easy, add in some circuit training every 5 or 10 minutes. Do jumping jacks, lunges or burpies for 30 seconds at each stop, then continue your walk to bring your heart rate back down.
  3. Go for a jog. If you have children, bring them along in a jogging stroller or have them ride their bikes ahead of you.
  4. Clean the house! If you’ve ever gotten into a cleaning tear, you know that you can work up quite a sweat. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, organizing or rearranging furniture can all make you (and your home) feel better.
  5. Take the stairs. If you live or work in a building with an elevator, start taking the stairs instead. Start with one or two flights before hopping on the elevator, and eventually work your way up to taking stairs the whole way up and down.
  6. Walk home from work. If you usually take the train or bus, get off a stop or two early so you have to walk a bit on your way home.
  7. Take breaks. While blogging, do push ups or sit ups between tasks, then relax or stretch your legs as you type.
  8. Take a break outside. If you’re so lucky to have a regular lunch break, use it to take a walk outdoors.
  9. Dance party! Alone or with a partner or friend, crank up the music and dance it out.
  10. Stretch while you’re on the phone. While you listen to you mom complain about your other siblings, do some simple stretching.
  11. Tackle your to-do list. Wash the car, cut the grass or do some gardening to work long-forgotten muscles.
  12. Practice yoga. Use your extra 30-60 minutes in the morning to practice yoga, go for a run, or follow an exercise DVD. Not only does yoga help with weight loss, it also gives you tremendous inspiration and energy when you blog.
  13. Stretch at your desk. Between projects, take a few minutes to stretch out. You don’t even need to leave your chair!

Jane Sheeba

Jane Sheeba is an entrepreneur and online business consultant. If you are into starting/running an online business and want success with life and business go here.

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    Joseph Mills

    Yoga exercise for me is the best. I usually spent 50 minutes or sometimes two hours for my asana. It makes me feel more alert, less stress and less anger too. This is my secret to keep my body and mind calm and peaceful And happy always . 🙂 Thank you Jane

    All the best,


  2. Avatar

    loke Joseph above, i rate yoga, although i dont have a beautiful beach body as such i am more toned and supple by doing yoga once a week, its a good stress reliever too, puts me more in my body and less in my head

  3. Avatar

    For me, jogging and healthy diet is very effective. I jog at least 3 times a week, eat fruits for breakfast, and minimize eating meat and processed foods.

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    Hi, Jane! Blogging involves lots of time spent sitting down, so a fitness program is a must. I like jogging, especially because I see lots of things happening outside and which most of the time inspire me to write new, interesting blog posts.

  5. Avatar

    My everyday routine doing household chore is my exercise before i start working in my computer. I started gaining weight so i make sure to atleast i am doing anything to keep my body active. thanks for the wonderful tips, i will try them.

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    Oliver Tausend

    Hi Jane,

    thanks for sharing this. I agree that losing weight and maintaining our desired weight is not only about nutrition but also exercising. I lost 5 kg slowly in the past months by eating more specifically natural foods and nutritional supplements plus running three times a week for 45 mins. Running alone doesn’t cut it, just like eating correctly. I recommend choosing an accountability for the exercising, I have had one since mid december and I don’t want to make a fool of myself, do I ? Thanks to internet, she doesn’t have to live nearby. Mine lives in Italy 🙂



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    This is very timely advise. Most people are part time blogger so they have even lesser time compared to full time bloggers. However as you have mentioned there are plenty of daily activities which we can add to our routines that are great exercises.

  8. Avatar

    Jane – that’s a really fantastic list! For someone who works from home, sitting in the chair hour after hour takes it’s toll on your body! Not only do you gain weight, but it’s terrible for the joints! Another great suggestion would be to join a community drop in league to play your sport of choice. It’s a great social occasion, plus you get exercise to boot on a weekly basis…and it’s generally something you’ll stick with because it’s fun!

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    The tips are good and making blog a viral is great as this will really help us to spread the blog as much as possible such as on social networking sites.

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    I’ve tried some hard core workouts like Insanity and similar, but the results were quite disappointing, and I was too tired to blog afterward.
    When I started changing my diet more drastically and followed the 4 hour Body diet, everything changed.

    So I would suggest looking into the diet as well, that mad the biggest difference for me.

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    Something I do that works wonders for me is setting a little timer to go off every hour. I do a couple sets of crunches and pushups, walk around, and strap on wrist weights for 15 minutes.
    Granted I’m not a full time blogger however I do put in 2-3 hours daily.

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    playing basketball or football is an effective way to lose and building some muscles. beside, we can have some favorite sports and lose weight in the same time 🙂

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    Your list is extensive. I work from a desk at home. I find it boring at times to exercise in the house. I like the to do list idea. Get something constructive done while moving around.

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    I totally agree with this sentence “Go for a walk. If this sounds silly or easy, add in some circuit training every 5 or 10 minutes.” because walking can add 3 minutes in your life. It is definitely true that you must be physically, socially, spiritually and mentally fit all the time.

  15. Avatar

    yes, i agree that bloggers are spent more time on sitting, and if their have lift time they prepare to take a rest done making exercise….

  16. Avatar

    Hi for me I find the best way is to go for a jog or swim before I go to work. That way I get my exercise in gets my body and mind in gear for the day ahead and helps me keep my weight in check.

    Thanks lee

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    Personally I think for many reasons the best thing to do is take a walk. Day or night, doesn’t really matter. Not only will it give you some fresh air, but there is just so much to see whereever you live. If you’re not used to walking just go for 15-20 minutes, but look around and absorb all that you see. Look for the beauty that is there, even amongst dirt, rubble, unkept gardens, cars, rubbish… it doesn’t matter what you are looking at, just make sure you see.

  18. Avatar
    Mark Smith

    Your tips is so realistic and it gives me more time to really exhaust all the possible ways of wellness.

  19. Avatar

    hi “Jane” I really love such kind of unique concept blog And I really appreciate and loved your 13 way to loss weight . I think tips will surely help them for losing weight.

  20. Avatar
    Crisencio Paner

    This article is very informative! I learned a lot! Thank you for sharing it.

  21. Avatar

    I forgot to add in my other comment that the exercise then helps me be able to eat more of what I like. If I endulge a bit to much I just make sure I exercise a bit harder to make up for it. Sometimes I enjoy my food a bit to much

    Thanks lee

  22. Avatar

    That’s 100% true. Bloggers lose weight fast than any other because they love to share their daily life and activities with other bloggers. This thing has helped me a lot.

  23. Avatar
    Fitness Weapons

    Great tips. I will use this as a resource for all of my fitness clients with sedentary jobs. People dont realize how little things can contribute to a big change.

  24. Avatar

    Hey Jane, I have a 1 year old Labrador retriever who keeps me moving. If she doesn’t get her play time she’s a bear to handle.

    The moral of the story… Get a Lab and lose 20 pounds. 🙂
    She definitely keeps me fit!

  25. Avatar

    Thanks Jane Sheeba for this awesome post. I want lose my weight. How can i do it. Please, give some tips. I will waiting your reply. Thanks again

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    morten olesen

    I agree all people who sit’s in front of a computer should do some physical movement at least 5 minute each hour. Even better should they be standing in front of the computer instead of sitting, because this is actually better for your health and not at least your weight.

  27. Avatar

    Hi Jane exercising to keep the brain healthy is so important because just sitting there in front of the computer is so unhealthy. You need to get the juices flowing around the body to keep the brain stimulated and in good health.

    Thanks lee

  28. Avatar
    may suoi

    great, that’s the good way to lose weight, I exercise regularly to keep the body healthy

  29. Avatar

    I am very busy person as i have a lot of computer work! I think yoga can help me alot.

  30. Avatar

    Really practical and useful tips. I am feeling pretty satisfied that this is how i started my freelancing career, but i missed the contract template part. Its a good idea which would bring more professionalism in the work. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Avatar

    I got too much fat and planing to reduce it but don’t have much time to do regular exercises, by follow the tips above i can achieve my goal 🙂 Thanks for sharing good information

  32. Avatar

    This article makes a good point that when time is not always on your side creativity must come into play. Finding ways to exercise and fit activity into necessary daily parts of life is the only chance for physical activity many people get. Ideas like taking the stairs or playing with your kids are great because they are part of daily life.

  33. Avatar
    MUhammad Khalil

    Thanks for the awesome advice. I have been going back and forth on whether or not I was going to get it or not. After reading your post I think I am going to pull the trigger with the next little bit if income I have come my way. Thanks a lot!

  34. Avatar

    I never knew dancing at the party was any exercise but it really is. Blogging all day alone in your room is always boring. My main exercise if football. I join by mates on the street to play street soccer and i enjoy it pretty well.

  35. Avatar
    Steve Moore

    Great tips thanks Jane! I feel that in order to blog your best and live a fulfilling life you really need to take time for yourself and take care of your health.

    It’s always easier said than done I know so I’ll be printing off this list and posting it right beside my monitor 🙂


  36. Avatar
    Sanjeev Singh

    Although these exercises are beneficial for all specially for bloggers but I have read in newspaper that chewing a bubblegum will help to do internal exercise. Is this chewing exercise is helpful?? If yes that at what extent??

  37. Avatar
    Mike Dawson

    Dancing at a party is a good exercise but bloggers are too socially awkward to attend many parties… what say?

  38. Avatar

    I like this idea, because as we know that most bloggers spend their time just by sitting in front of the computer the whole day. Coupled with bad eating habits can lead to serious diseases in the future.

  39. Avatar

    You don’t need a huge amount of time each day to get fit, you can do it small portions, for example a quick 30-40 minute run in the morning or evening.

    If a blogger wants to get fit he or she will make the time. Another tip – if you don’t wish to diet then you could try dieting.

  40. Avatar

    Great tips thanks Jane! I feel that in order to blog your best and live a fulfilling life you really need to take time for yourself and take care of your health.

  41. Avatar

    Waking up in the morning early and going for a walk with music or some audio cassettes for training is what suits me best 🙂

  42. Avatar
    Chloe Wallace

    Sitting for a long period of time is a bad for the health. It also causes obesity. That’s why a blogger that requires sitting is at a high risk.

  43. Avatar

    I personally have the opposite issue, losing weight when blogging. Drink too much coffee and smoke too much, rarely have time to reach the fridge.

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