Blogging Tips Which Makes You Different From Others

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In the blogosphere there are thousands of blogs and bloggers but everyone wants to stand out from the crowd.

It is possible! But a major dilemma which prevails is that lot of bloggers are blogging with the wrong approach. They are focusing on “I, Me, Myself”. One can’t dominate a niche or market by writing about them only. What they think, what they feel about a topic is not that important.

Readers do no t want to read a boring blog. If your blog achieves have posts all about you then it’s a RED signal of your Blog failure.

Think and write from user’s perspective. What they want to read and know information about. Concentrate on your blog content which attracts more traffic.

So let’s discuss three such content marketing techniques which all blogger should know and follow and there right execution can make your posts rank well on Google search engine and Get you more targeted traffic and exposure beyond what you have expected.

Be Simple In Your Style

Web is full of content. It’s not that what you are giving no one else is providing that, but what makes a difference is how that particular information is presented and marketed through the users.

To win in such situation one golden rule comes handy and i.e. Simplicity. Your ideas can be presented online with help of articles, blogpost, videos, classified and many more.

Being simple in your presentation help you connect with the readers and get your message easily across them. This approach can make you rule any niche no matter how competitive it is.

When a user visit a blog they are not have that much of patience that they dig your blog or read your posts more than one time to know what it meant to convey. So to break the ice present your content in most simple manner to the reader so that with reading of few lines they get assured that by the end of the posts they will get answers to all the question which lead them to your blog. This will help you build a trust factor with your readers.

But remember one thing that simplifying doesn’t mean bore the hell out of your readers. Know your topic or subject very well before you start writing on it. Also don’t get compelled to copy content from other blogs. Even if you are taking ideas from other articles, it would be wise to check your content with a Plagiarism Detector before publishing to make sure that you dish out a unique content.

You can convince your readers with your writing only when you are confident of its worthiness. Present your views in simple yet interesting tone – this will make you quickly take over your niche, because, people feel affinity towards simple things.

Provide Informative and Useful Content

When you write a post or an article don’t just write because you need to post it in your blog.  Write with a motive that how it will be useful to the readers. If someone has come to your blog they have landed there in order to find some constructive solution to their queries they have goggled.

Great design of your blog, its colorful theme will not serve the purpose. They seems to attractive for few seconds only, but once the reader noticed that blog posts content is not useful nothing fancy on your blog can stop the users to go out of it.

Your posts should be straight to the point. Don’t make big promise in your headlines and address an entirely separate topic in the body.

Don’t Focus on Yourself

If you are the owner of the blog that does not mean that whatever you post on the blog has to deal with you. Remember that blog is by you but it is not about you! How pompous it is when all your posts focus only on you.

It can interest readers to one or two posts to read about you, but if it goes on and on then only you will be the one who is writing and reading also. Write about industry trends, common issues and their solutions.


No matter how beautifully designed, uninteresting and self-centered blogs will not make it to the top. Straightforward and Informative posts would help building reader base for the blog.

16 thoughts on “Blogging Tips Which Makes You Different From Others”

  1. Agree 100% Jane… the best way to gain readership and loyalty in your readers is to help them solve their problems, or at the very least to understand what they are!

    People don’t want lectures, they want solutions. And they want it delivered in such a way that it’s easy and understandable.

    I’ve been taught to write to ONE person, the ideal customer for my business. Sometimes you can’t pull this off, but when you come it’s powerful stuff.

    Great info, Jane.

    • “People don’t want lectures, they want solutions.” – very well said Bob. Especially in today’s noisy age, people are busy AND overwhelmed with theoretical information while all they need is practical solution 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You are right the web is full of content and we can’t be sure that what are offering is not getting written by others. We just need to opt a different style which make us stand out from others. Nice post.

  3. Thanks for the reminder about not focusing on myself. There’s a fine line between sharing great information about dogs and sharing my story about our dogs. I want my followers to get to know me, but I know that they don’t follow my blogs, because they want my story – they follow, because of the information I provide about dogs. I’ve found that it’s great for me to sprinkle in stories about me and our dogs, but the majority of my content has to stay true to the original vision of my site.

    Great great post; fantastic information!

  4. Love the picture you have used here! For a moment i thought it was the guy standing tall that was different-and then realized its the cat! So cute!
    Anyway, how do we keep things simple and not bore readers? I really wish, that i was blessed with an innate sense of humor-but not all of us are. So how do we stand out? Providing real info seems to be the only way, for which we need to keep reading and updating our knowledge always.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more, a blog should be informative ad insightful because after all people browse through websites to learn. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  6. I completely agree that instead of focusing on your self, it pays to write about topics that people can relate to. After all, you are publishing your posts for them to be seen online. If you’re really into writing about your personal experiences all the time, get a journal instead. Thanks!

  7. I agree. Blogging started because experts who could not get published in the newspaper due to certain reasons like incompatibility with editorial philosophy could now separately articulate their thoughts in their blogs. With the democratisation of blogging, every one and their grandmother has a blog. So it becomes difficult for the reader to know who you are and whether you are worthy of delivering such sermons.

  8. ..thank you so much for sharing this post..
    ..i would keep all these points in mind while blogging..
    ..thank u so much again… 🙂

  9. Brilliant tips KELLY !!
    I am learning more these days to keep your blog unique from others. 🙂
    Also, one must always write what actually readers want not just we want to write about !!
    Thanks for sharing some vital tips 🙂

  10. Blogging is similar to many other things in life, people will come to you if you are providing value and helping them solve their problems.

  11. Hi kelley
    brilliant tips..its help me lot to write good stuff which sounds good as i am new in blogging..thanks for the sharing

  12. Hi! Jumping in the same bandwagon each and every time may potentially bore your readers so it’s very important to sustain their engagement by coming up with “killer content” that will keep them coming back for more. Great reference. Thanks!

  13. This post rings true for me. When you deliver value to the reader above else, you will gain more shares and contacts from other bloggers. Thanks for these tips.


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