How to Build a Landing Page for Your Mobile App

In this article, we will take a look at various ways you can create a landing page or website for your mobile app. If you have an app in the app store or play store then it is a good idea to create a website or at least a landing page for it as it will help increase the visibility of your app.

There are many ways you can create a website or landing page to showcase your app. You can either go with a ready made HTML template or use a CMS like WordPress with a suitable theme. Here we will show you both these options by highlighting some of the best app landing website templates and themes.

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Features of a Good App Landing Page

Before we dive into the various templates and themes suitable for creating a landing page, let us take a look at the main features you should look in such templates/themes.

Conversion Optimized

The biggest feature that you would want in a good app landing page is for it to be conversion optimized which will help you get maximum app installs. Generally you would need to perform A/B testing with different CTA button placements as well as tagline and description to get to the conversion for your landing page. Choosing a landing page template which has been conversion optimized already is a good start.

Features and Screenshots

The landing page should prominently display your app’s main features along with screenshots showing your app in action. Users love seeing screenshots more than text and thus having high quality screenshots on your landing page is a must.

User Testimonial

Adding positive user testimonials to your landing page builds trusts in your brand and users are more likely to download your app after reading positive reviews. Make sure to have a testimonial and reviews section dedicated on your app landing page.

Social Buttons & Contact

Adding your social network links will allow your users to find you on social networks and will make it easy for them to contact you in case of any pre-sale queries. You may also want to add a contact form for this purpose.

Search Engine Optimized

Last, but certainly not the least, SEO is important for your app’s landing page. One of the reasons why you would want to have a landing page in first place is to be easily discovered via search engines such as Google and hence having your landing page search engine optimized is absolutely necessary.

HTML Templates for App Landing Page

Let us start with listing some of the best as well as free templates for creating an app landing page. These templates will help you create a static HTML website and would require that you have a basic understanding of editing HTML to change the text and add your own images and links.

Awesome App

awesome app screenshot

Awesome App is a modern, responsive and conversion optimized app landing page template available for free. The template is built with Paper Kit 2 which is a UI Kit based on Bootstrap 4. This landing page template has been created to showcase apps and has a glorious design. It has sections for displaying app features, screenshots, pricing table, user testimonials/reviews as well as a download section where you can add links to download your app from the app stores.

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Awesome Landing Page

awesome landing page

Awesome Landing Page by Creative Tim is a free website template for showcasing mobile apps. This template is also built with Bootstrap and offers different color schemes as well as multiple pre-built landing pages to choose from. The template can also be used for showcasing desktop apps, software or web applications.

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We believe the above two are the best HTML templates for creating a landing page for apps. They have been built with Bootstrap, are free and have all that is needed to create a stunning landing page. However, you may still want to take a look at these other mobile app landing page templates for more options.

WordPress Themes for App Landing Websites

If you want to create more than just a landing page, i.e. you want to include a blog then creating a website with WordPress is a better option that a static HTML site. Find below the top WordPress themes that are perfect for creating a website for your mobile app with WordPress.


clean app

CleanApp is a perfect WordPress theme to showcase your iPhone or Android application. With CleanApp, you can build your app website and show off your app features, screenshots, testimonials, and help your users get your app thanks to the user experience optimization that improves downloads.

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app theme

AppTheme is a corporate portfolio theme that is built to help you and your company showcase your work. With ability to showcase a single app, a portfolio of projects, services and testimonials, AppTheme is customizable so you can choose which sections to show users in order to get new customers.

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mobile app

MobileApp is another premium WordPress theme designed to help you promote your mobile application or game. With the ability to animate screenshots, unlimited sections, and with seamlessly integrated download buttons, you’ll see more conversions.

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In case you are looking for more options, there are many other App Showcase and Landing Page WordPress Themes which are professionally designed and conversion optimized.


We took a look at features that make a perfect landing page for mobile apps and listed some of the best HTML templates as well as WordPress themes for creating the same. We hope that you found some good options here and would be able to build a website for your mobile app in no time. If you still need convincing then check out these reasons why you need a website for your app.

If you are looking for hosting, you can take a look at these options when hosting a static HTML site or visit our hosting partner for a WordPress Website.

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