Can Nintendo Wii U Change The Sluggish Video Gaming Market?


Nintendo has great influence in the video gaming market. It is one of the highly successful companies offering stiff competition to Microsoft and Sony. As the video gaming market is sluggish, Nintendo is compelled to release a new console into the market.

As per analysts’ expectations, the new gaming console, Wii U was launched recently by Nintendo. Let us check whether Nintendo will be able to meet the demands of customers not only by ramping up the production of more numbers of consoles but also by fixing the issues raised by the new console.

Wii History

As a matter of fact the first Wii (home video gaming console) was launched by Nintendo in 2006. Nintendo was able to survive in the highly competitive video gaming industry.

It has managed to overthrow its fierce competitors, Xbox 360 (Microsoft’s console) and Play Station 3 (Sony’ consoles). Nintendo had registered a record number of sales in December, 2009. Wii U is the successor to the Wii and it belongs to the sixth generation Nintendo’s consoles.

Wii U Features

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There is no room for friend codes in Wii U console. Wii U features ‘Network ID’ which is similar to other brand consoles. You can add up to 100 friends through direct exchange or by sending request through Miiverse. You will be able to view the friends list in Miiverse or in the ‘Friends List hub’.

It is easy to manage the profile with Nintendo through the user-friendly network concept. It is possible to sign up to the network directly from the console with your email address. You should select a user nickname which will be different from the network ID or email address.

If you would like to register minors, you are required to provide a credit card number for verification. You will be charged $0.5 as well. This extra precaution is taken by Nintendo so that it will be hard to lie.

There is great revamp of Nintendo’s eShop. You can find tons of pages of information on all kinds of games. You will find titles and information about games that can be downloaded from eShop as well as from offline stores.

It is easy to navigate on eShop. You will be able to download new gaming software. As soon as you purchase a game, Wii U will stand download in the background. However, you will not have any clue about how long the download will take place.

If you want to update the firmware, you should wait until the whole process is completed. If the console is switched off in the middle of the course, the unit might be damaged. Nintendo has warned users to take this precaution.

Miiverse is the dedicated social networking site that is managed by Nintendo. It is exclusively available for Nintendo users and it has features that are available on both Facebook and Twitter.

You will be able to create new communities based on the games that you play. It is possible to send a friend request through Miiverse.

Wii U offers backward compatibility. As you update the software, the console will restart in Wii mode. GamePad will be turned off. You will be able to work with the Wii remote. Pro controller will not work in this scenario.

Internet browser can be accessed from the home menu. You can enjoy the multitasking mode.

Concerns to be addressed

It is possible to exchange with members that are present in the friends list. This limitation should be removed. It takes long time to load menus and sub-menus.

And, there is no indication on the screen to give an idea about how long it will take to load the menu. Nintendo should address this issue by providing an appropriate patch.

The download times are frustrating. Even though it depends on the networks’ speed, Nintendo should address this feature by incorporating more user-friendly features.

Even though you will be able to enjoy the Miiverse feature through the gaming communities that you will create, there is scope for improvement of features.

As happens with any new system, Nintendo has to survive the drawbacks and errors reported by its users. By handling all the hitches with positive attitude and by providing timely information and quick fixes to user base, it can survive in the industry. The refinement has to happen at a quick pace so that overall gaming ecosystem will be in a balanced state.

3 thoughts on “Can Nintendo Wii U Change The Sluggish Video Gaming Market?”

  1. The recent Wii U console sales has popped open the eyes of Nintendo’s major competitors now giving them (XBox360 and PlayStation) and idea of the standard they need not go below. Selling 400 thousand units in seven days is no easy task and Nintendo has done it, leaving the completion to tie their laces and get busy.

  2. Wii/Nintendo seem as though they have always been a bit behind Playstation and XBox. They have tried to stay true to the type of games that they create, but they really need to venture off into new territory. This includes the Wii U.


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