CocoFax Review: The Best Free Fax Service Online

When there is a need to send confidential documents in the most secure way, faxing is the only way we’ve got. Since fax is one of the most secure and safe ways for official communications, it is used by billions of people worldwide.

The way of faxing was discovered a long time ago. You might be wondering how is it that it’s still used today? However, it’s a fact that good old things never get old with time. The security features provided by fax are top of the line. This makes faxing stand out among even some latest communication media. And due to this, billions of faxes are delivered each year throughout the world.

But the only shortcoming fax has is that the requirements are quite old-fashioned and impractical, they cannot be used in today’s era. Things like fax machines, paper and toner are no longer in interest and people avoid using them because of the inconvenience they cause. However, faxing cannot be let go of as it has some immense security pros.

Individuals still use faxing but not through fax machines, they do it through a new method called online faxing. Online faxing has become the new faxing trend as it allows faxing to be done simply through the internet. But that is not as simple and direct as you think. For online faxing, an online fax service is needed and we’ve got just the perfect one for you. You don’t need to struggle finding the best one, as you will get the ultimate best in this guide. So read till the end and enjoy.

CocoFax – The Finest Online Fax Service of All

The one we’re talking about is CocoFax, the online fax service which is setting new standards in the faxing world. No fax machines required, you are able to send and receive free fax online by CocoFax. And not just fax machines, CocoFax has completely eradicated the need for all other impractical requirements like paper, toner and ink too.


Simply saying, it’s the best of the best. CocoFax has been winning hearts all over the globe with its superb features and highlights. It excels all other fax services in the field as no other service could provide as much as CocoFax does. And this is what makes it the number one fax service the world has seen.

CocoFax provides you with the ability to send and receive faxes on more than one device. All your devices like computers, laptops and even handsets have the capability to fax documents in case you use CocoFax’s services.

Putting everything aside, the biggest thing is that even the big international media firms like Forbes and PCMag have also said well about its works and praised CocoFax. Here we have a read for you, this article shows the superb features and highlights that CocoFax possesses. Now we will put light on some features that make CocoFax the best one in its field.

Reasons for CocoFax being the Best

Here are some of the reasons behind the ultimate success of CocoFax.

30-day Free Trial

You have got the facility of a 30 day free trial with CocoFax. This means that no payment, no credit card details for a month. You get a full month of free faxing, without spending even a cent. This allows you to try out the services well in order to pick a suitable subscription plan at the end of this free month. You can avail this free service at the time of sign-up. Details will be given later.

Free and Custom Fax Number

Yes, you read it right. CocoFax saves you from all the hassle of getting a fax number from your phone operator as it itself provides you one. In the past, getting a fax number was a troublesome task, you had to wait for days. And when finally you would get one, it would be a complex and complicated fax number which is not only difficult for you to remember but also contradicts your company’s codes.

cocofax homepage

CocoFax understands all of this. Hence, it not only gives you a fax number for free but you get a fax number that is easy for you to remember and is also according to your company codes. This is because you make your fax number yourself. And moreover, there is no extra cost for making your own fax number.

24/7 Customer Support

The most important element for being successful is that a firm takes care of its customers well and effectively. Where the majority of other fax services fail in this area, CocoFax has an effective feature of customer support.

There is a whole team of dedicated members who work all day and all night to make sure that the customer requests and queries are well entertained. This way CocoFax always stays ahead.

How to Fax Online through CocoFax?

As we mentioned before, CocoFax is all about convenience. It provides not one but multiple ways through which you can fax online. Above all other methods is CocoFax’s web app or otherwise known as an online dashboard.

It’s a place where you get all your faxes as well as send new ones. You can get to it through any internet browser you use. Here we have provided the simple steps about its usage.

Step 1

If you want to use the CocoFax dashboard for the purpose of faxing then you first need to sign-up with CocoFax. This can be done by heading to the official site and availing the 30 day free trial. Here you will also get to choose your free fax number.

free trial choose fax number

Step 2

When the sign-up procedure is complete, you can now proceed with your online dashboard. Click on the option of new fax and fill up the fields in the new window that just popped up.

send fax online with cocofax

The ‘To’ field is for the fax address of the individual receiving the fax. The subject field is for the purpose if you wish to have a top note for your fax document. In the cover page, you can write the content of the first page of your fax document.

Receiving Faxes

You do not need to log it at all times to get each fax delivered to you. All your faxes will arrive at CocoFax where they will be put into your dashboard.

Whenever you log in to your CocoFax account, you will see all your received faxes that came to your fax number until the time of your last login.


As you can see, this is not all. These are just some of the features and services that we have described here. If you want to get more of CocoFax, you need to start using it today right at the moment. 

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