Cool stuff from Intuit – QuickBooks Mobile

Cool stuff from Intuit - QuickBooks Mobile

Here is good news for Android users. Intuit has launched QuickBooks Mobile which helps you access both customer and sales information on a 24/7 basis.

Intuit – The market leader in providing business and financial solutions for small and medium enterprises by offering innovative products in business management, payroll, personal finance, tax preparation and filing. Intuit help consumers get more benefits by saving their time and providing facilities for smooth operation of their accounts with banks and other financial transactions. It helps banks and credit unions by providing on-demand solutions and services to manage services and products more efficiently.

Advantages of QuickBooks Mobile

Imagine you are travelling on an important business trip or on a vacation for long. You cannot afford to miss a single business enquiry which may turn into huge fortunes. Small and medium business concerns are trying their level best to be in touch with customers and offer services on a 24/7 basis. If you are not able to handle the query in time, you may lose from that pocket.

The ability to furnish estimate or even provide invoice to the potential customer at any time is the need of the hour. The same can be achieved by the newly launched ‘QuickBooks Mobile for Android’ by Intuit. QuickBooks Mobile application will be in sync with QuickBooks and all your accounts are at your finger tips. No more searching for a computer or a laptop to access your billing information. All the information can be readily accessed from your handheld mobile device.

Who will be benefited?

Small and medium business enterprises will be greatly benefited by being able to provide uninterrupted service to customers. Whether you are in or out of office, you will be able to handle the business perfectly with the available up-to-date billing information. If you are away from office, you need not travel all the way to reach your office to search for customer history, customer balance and past transactions. All this information is available on your mobile.

QuickBooks Mobile Features

You will be able to access both the customer and sales information. You can check customer history, customer balance, create estimates and produce invoice from the mobile. The information updated on QuickBooks Mobile will be synchronized with QuickBooks.

Who can avail QuickBooks Mobile?

Quick Books Mobile is free for all current QuickBooks online users and is available on subscription basis for QuickBooks Pro and premier 2011 customers. The free application can be downloaded from the Android market or App Store which can be used by iPhone users.

Industry welcomes

“The majority of small and medium-sized business owners feel that staying connected trough wireless devices is critical to the success of their business”, said VP and Fiscal Management Solutions boss Dan Wernikoff. “As the demand for mobile access continues to accelerate, we’re working to give customers the solutions they need most so they can save time and make money.”

Are you the one who has jumped in to get QuickBooks Mobile? Don’t you think that it will fetch you more?

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  1. I am already inspired by Intuit. now it has launched QuickBooks Mobile which helps you access both customer and sales information on a 24/7 basis. great!!!


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