Dropbox Pro users will get 1TB storage + more for the same price

Dropbox Pro users will get 1TB storage + more for the same price

Well well. Dropbox has finally did it. Not sure if it is the heavy competition and pressure from its rivals like Google, 4Shared, Box and the others, Dropbox has beefed up the storage space of its Pro account from 100GB to 1TB. That is a HUGE move indeed.

While 100GB might sound like a big storage space already, it was quite easy to fill it up quite soon. And Dropbox’s competitors were having competitive pricing for the storage space they were offering.

If you are already a Dropbox Pro user, you will see the 1TB allowance in your storage space in a few days. On the other hand, if you are going to get a new Pro account you will instantly get 1TB of storage in your account.

Dropbox has not only increased the storage space but has also rolled out a few security features for its Pro users. You can add password protected links (to files in your storage space) with the others. You could also share links that are set to expire after a specified amount of time!

Apart from this Pro users can now remotely wipe out the content of a shared folder. In addition, if a particular device is stolen, Pro users can now unlink that device and completely delete all the locally stored Dropbox files in that device by logging into any other computer.

For those who heavily share files and folder, the sharing permissions – you can set a “view only” permission for any file so other users don’t mess up with your file. With a view-only permission files cannot be moved inside the folder or be edited; however, the files can be moved out of the folder to make a copy!

Above all, Dropbox has rolled out all these additional security features + the big boost in storage space while keeping the price of the Pro account the same – that is $9.99/mo. How cool is that?

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