Facebook Friends Lists: New Twist Over Google+

Facebook Friends Lists: New Twist Over Google+

Social media networking is the probably the most innovative step of technology. Recent times have led to the emergence of new and innovative social media sites. Each one has many new features to offer. The major players of the field have to improve upon their features at every step if they intend to keep up with the times. The latest in this regard is the developed “Friend lists system” that Facebook launched in order to put up with the competition that Google+ put up with its Circles attribute.

Highlights of the Facebook Friends Lists feature

This new update of Facebook can help you manage your connections much better. The slant is towards friends, so the concept is informal. However, you can, just as casually and effectively, manage your professional contacts via this innovative feature. In fact, this Facebook feature creates work lists as well as family lists automatically with the creation of your account.

The new development in this feature is the smart lists attribute. This feature creates groups and lists based on specific assessment of the relationship between the account holder and the contact. The upgrade with “close friends” and “Acquaintances” is an excellent way to filter the updates that you receive from your various contacts. This feature of Facebook seems to be a direct retaliation of the Google+ circles feature.

The circles feature allows you to create specific groups and customize the attributes according to the group specification. Facebook “Friends smart lists” system allows you to go one-step further with customized filter for notifications that you automatically receive from your contacts.

It is also true that Facebook has always tried to bring forth new adjustments to already existing features. Sometimes, these adjustments have been inspired and catered towards keeping the social media site ahead in the market competition. However, it can also be argued that it is after all a necessity to stay in the top of the game. Facebook introduced friends list in 2007, upgraded, and added groups system in 2010, and very recently, the smart lists feature was introduced in the site.

At the onset of this system’s introductions, speculations were majorly on its comparisons with Google + strategies. However, if you look at all the recent developments on the site, the picture of Facebook’s long-term strategy gets clearer. The privacy settings can now be attached with individual groups. The advantage is you can now make non-friends contacts without any stress about privacy and unwanted notifications update. In a direct turn, Facebook’s aim might be to create a Twitter like followers’ pattern.

Facebook friends lists takeaway

Social media networking is a relatively new concept. It is also true that this field has not been fully exploited to its maximum potential. The social media giants have made it possible for people to have freer access to each other. The value that you place on your privacy and the necessity of connecting with a wider target audience, both need their chance to exist within the social media environment. With advanced features, such as the new friends lists system introduced by Facebook, these demands will be successfully met.

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  1. I’ve this FB feature but wasn’t able to really check it deeper. I really don’t know what’s up with Facebook, but looks like they are providing all possible features to their users in order to improve their users’ loyalty to the site. Anyway, it seems like they are doing great on that strategy.


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