Fascinating Features of Apple iPad2


Fascinating Features of Apple iPad2

Apple – the Don of smartphones is back with a bang with its second generation tablet devices iPad2. Apple is always the attention hog when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Even in fruits Apple is the king because I grew up learning “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”, while my kids are growing up by learning “An Apple iPhone/iPad simplifies your day”. I love both the Apples.

While Apple is retaining its throne since its launch, certain rivals like Droids, Amazon, Motorola, etc are trying by all possible means to pull down the King from his throne. However Apple which has never been known for being succumbed has decided to give the counter attack to all its rivals in the form of iPad2.

The iPad2’s particular target was to overpower the then-latest venture of Motorola XOOM. Yeah, Motorola hit the news months ago with its latest tablet Xoom hitting the stores. Motorola is nowadays proudly boasting about the front and rear facing cameras that are unique to Xoom and also about the 10.1 inch brilliant display in addition to the Nvdia Core Processor.

Thus some of the features of iPad2 which counter attacks XOOM are the front and rear facing camera, awesome display, and upgraded processor. In addition to this there are even more features that will make iPad2 the most preferred tablet of this era (says Apple Team).

iPad2 is having the conventional video conferencing application that was present in iPhone and iPhone Touch. Since all Apple products are well known for its slim and sleek structure, iPad2 is no exception to this (the sleek feature is the prime reason for people to go awe about apple products). Well now we can go more awe because iPad2 is the slimmest (8.8 mm and 1.3 pounds) tablet ever (yeah, thinner than iPad1 and even iPhone4).

The most infamous feature of this iPad2 is the problem with the Home button. Yup, Apples iPad2’s home button is claimed to be having certain problems (there isn’t any official note about it but there are lot of complaints from the users about this).

The company was too keen in developing a product that has features that will tempt the users at the same time results in minimal design. The iPad2 is surely a treat to your eyes (due to its lustrous design), good investment for your money (because of its competent features), and satisfaction to your conscience (since the brand name Apple is enough to have faith on the product).

Apart from these features the iPad2 has got battery power similar to iPad1 (10 hours usage, 1 month standby), A5 dual core processor which 2X faster than the A4 processor (of iPad1) and 9X faster graphic processing. This awesome Apple product is starting at a range of $499 for Wi-Fi with 16GB and goes up to $829 for Wi-Fi & 3G (at&t, Verizon) with 64GB.

The new Apple kid is available in two colors elegant white and sexy black. Do you hate both the colors? Then buy a smart cover which is available in almost 8 colors.

Even since Adam-Eve times Apple is an enticing object will the new Apple iPad2 alone be an exception? Certainly not. Anyways I can’t wait to lay my hands on the new iPad2.

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  1. I definitely i like this post, good thing apple has established good reputation that customers would not mind spending hundreds of dollars to buy there products. I am sure that ipad2 lovers will love this apps, because me, I extremely like it!


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