Flipkart App For Android Phones: Finally For All Droid Shoppers

Flipkart App For Android Phones: Finally For All Droid Shoppers

I’m a fan of Android and I shop a lot at Flipkart. So this news is a good news for me. I don’t have to have a computer or I don’t have to be at home in order to shop online at Flipkart. I can do so on the go.

Yes the Flipkart app for Android has been launched and the app features all the bits and pieces of the website give no lesser feeling of shopping on the phone as compared to shopping on your PC.

First things first > you can download the app here.

Product browsing and search

The app lets you to browse products based on categories. You can also search products for specific keywords.

Just as you would sort products based on popularity, price (low to high, and vice versa), and relevance on the website, you can do the same kind of sorting in the app as well. You can also filter your product search results if you want to look at products from a specific brand or at a specific price range. And you can also look at products that have discounts and/or deals etc.

This is quite handy since you can do your complete shopping while you are on the go. No matter if you are waiting in the queue at the hospital or commuting, if you have a phone with data connection, you can shop at Flipkart from your Android phone without feeling any lesser than you are not shopping on a computer.

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If you want to quickly browse the products you recently were eyeing on, then yes that is possible too! I do this quite often to check any features or the price of a product that I was recently browsing a few days ago. The best part is that you don’t need data connection to look up the details of the product you were recently eyeing on!

Payment modes and order tracking

Flipkart App For Android Phones

Yup there’s no limit in here as well. You can choose from all the payment options just as you would choose while shopping on their website (just that the particular payment option has to available for that product).

The options such as cash on delivery (COD), EMI, paying via credit or debit cards, and internet banking are all available when you shop via the Flipkart Android app.

After you have made a purchase you can also track the order status via the app; this feature is pretty handy as I can’t almost live without tracking my order status once I’ve made the purchase 🙂

Oh and you can share your favorite product via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing services by using that share icon! Bingo!

So what are you waiting for. The Flipkart app makes shopping on the go quite easy and handy. You can download the Flipkart Android app here.

By the way, the app has quite a few minor bugs – not a big deal. Given that the app is launched very recently I’m sure Flipkart is working on making it better.

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  1. Seems like a great app. It’s very convinient to shopp on the go. Flipkart is great place so I am downloading the app right now. Thanks for sharing Jane.

  2. Although I still find shopping on my phone a bit awkward, I’m definitely interested in checking out this app. Thanks for the writeup!


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