Free Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

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Starting a law firm can be exciting and thrilling. It’s a step many are only whishing. But you have done it. Congratulations. But wait? Do you think that clients are going to flock into your office the first day? Probably not. It will take months and, to some, years to click. However, there are those who do it in the first week? Surprised, right? Yes, you can do it in the first week. You can get your real clients as soon as you open doors to the public. It starts with marketing. Bit any marketing strategy, but an effective digital marketing strategy.

What to have that competitive edge? Well, claim it. I’m going to show you how to do your digital marketing like a pro. Among other things, this guide is going to touch into one of the most effective digital marketing strategies—SEO. Keep reading to discover.

Understanding SEO

Most law firms get puzzled when they find their competitors appearing on Google’s front page. If you want to know your website’s page ranking, search “best defense attorney in your area”. If your site doesn’t show up, then its Google ranking isn’t that impressive. You need to work on it. And this often happens because of Search Engine Optimization.

Along those lines, here are top-proven strategies you can implement.

Your Search Words

What are your search words? It’s important to be explicit with your search words—they will help rank your law firm website higher on Google. According to one Google Consumer Survey, 06 percent of people tend to rush to Google when searching for legal services. Even more, 74 percent of these people will rush to an attorney’s website to take action. Thus, paying close attention to your search words is the surest way of ranking higher on Google. It will help clients discover your site easily.

Tools to use

Use the following tools to find the right keyword for your law firm website:

Google Keyword Planner

With Google Keyword Planner, you have a tool that will fish all relevant keywords searched by people that are relevant to your area of practice. Some of the insights obtainable from Google Keyword Planner include:

  • Ad group ideas and bidding
  •  competition and relevant keywords
  • Trends and historical statistics

Another important tool you can use is the This tool is all about finding long-tail plus other relevant keywords. It’s also important to note that long-tail keywords tend to be more detailed—and can include at most 3 words. They are used when it comes to targeting a certain, small demographic.

Publish Quality Content

As a law firm, your main objective is to attract prospective clients, right? Well, consider crafting and publishing quality content. You want to ensure that the content you publish is both unique and relevant to the user’s needs. Don’t just publish content for the sake of doing it. Create a lasting impression by posting exactly what your clients want to see and hear.

Incorporate relevant and current keywords into your content. And always ensure that each piece you publish features unique keywords. This won’t only expand your reach but it will also prevent SEO issues with popular search engines such as Google.

Social Media

When it comes to search engine optimization, popularity plays a key role. After your posts are published, share them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. You could also encourage other users to share them as well.

Your content must be fresh. You really don’t want to disappoint those visiting your page. So, spend some time researching current events and craft something that’s relevant to modern trends. Don’t just share content for the sake of doing it. Come up with something powerful and attractive. Something that will move masses towards your brand and turn them into loyal customers. Sounds amazing, right?

Website Speed

Website speed has become increasingly important nowadays since people want to find instant answers to their legal questions. If your law firm website loads slowly, users are more likely to hit “back” and turn to another online company to get the solutions they’re searching for. Remember, Google algorithm updates are specifically geared towards enhanced user experience (UX), with mobile experiences also becoming very important.

Through their Webmaster Blog, Google recently stated that pages that deliver the slowest speeds will intensely be affected. So, be keen to build your website with speed in mind. Ensure that your hosting, image compression, responsiveness, and JavaScript magnification are super-fast. All these aspects are extremely important, especially when it comes to building out your site’s infrastructure. They also play a significant role in ensuring that you stand out among your competitors.

Website Design

Google often rewards law firm sites that offer the best user experience. It’s no longer about having a site that’s visually appealing, but it’s also about developing a website that can automatically resize and display accurately on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. Wondering how to go about all these? Don’t worry. Just contact law firm SEO.

Push Notifications

Push notifications remind people about your app. When new information is added to your site, they’ll be informed. However, you shouldn’t send them too many notifications- do it once a week and keep your audience engaged.

You can as well utilize push notifications to remind clients and other internet users about your appointments. Not sending these notifications can make people forget about your presence. And you really don’t want that, right?

The Bottom-Line

Don’t play an average SEO game when it comes to advertising your law firm. It will only give you average results. Roll out an innovative SEO strategy and watch out for better results. Remember, SEO is cost-effective. However, it takes time to yield results. That’s why you need to exercise patience as well as consistency. The above guide is all you need to implement an effective SEO strategy with confidence.

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