Tips To Generate Insurmountable Passwords

Insurmountable Passwords

We are living in a world where life doesn’t move an inch without using computers and internet. We all maintain various kinds of information on the web. You will have usernames and passwords to gain access to your email, bank accounts, forums, portals and various subscription systems.

It is becoming increasingly hard to protect your online information without falling prey to the hackers. There are two kinds of hackers. One set of hackers will try to break the system with an intention to build foolproof systems.

The second set of hackers will try to get access to your account to steal your information. These are real threat to your online privacy. Even though a number of special measures are taken by banks, shopping portals and other sites to tighten the security, the number of illegal access cases (to user accounts of people belonging to various countries) is increasing on a continuous basis.

Undoubtedly, the level of technology and techniques used by black hat hackers is at par with that of white hat hackers. Thankfully, there are ways to generate a strong password and protect your online data.


In the real world, we are required to create a number of usernames and passwords to gain access to a number of different sites. It is true that you need to register your details, create a username and password for gaining access to some or all the content present on various sites.

In this scenario, it is difficult to create unique usernames and passwords for each and every site. It is quite natural that you will create common usernames and passwords to most of the sites which minimizes your hardship to mug up a number of usernames and passwords.

Experts opine that this aspect is the major setback to your safety. If a hacker gains access to one set of username and password, your other sites’ vulnerability will be exposed.

Use Distinct Passwords

Instead of using the same passwords for all kinds of websites, you should segregate sites into two categories. You can chose distinct passwords for banking and other secure sites. You should select a unique username and password for each and every online bank account.

For unimportant sites like forums, blogs and other sites, you can select different passwords. You can select dumb passwords or namesake passwords for unimportant sites.

Replace passwords with phrases

Generally a password can be constructed using alphabets, digits and special characters. If you build passwords with a single word it is likely to be broken by hackers by using a computer program which is known as brute force.

A brute force method will keep guessing your password by using various permutations and combinations. Instead of giving easy access to such software programs, you should build your password with phrases.

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As you increase the complexity, it will be difficult to break your password. The phrase that you select should be easy to remember.

It is also desirable to create and utilize multiple email addresses. You should not provide your standard (or personal) email address when you register for services on various websites.

For example, you can provide a reference address as [email protected] instead of filling the box with your personal mail ID, [email protected]. In this way, you will elongate the path to trace your personal ID which certainly gives you an extended protection.

What websites should do?

There are some websites which offer encryption services. The passwords you enter on such sites will not be transmitted as you had typed but rather they will be encoded and will be sent through the network. Another technique implemented by websites is to has the password before storing it on their servers.

A has function is used to encrypt passwords so that even in the even of the data being stolen by hackers, they don’t get access to your plain text password. Such kind of safety measures are to be implemented by all websites that deal with sensitive data.

Hint: You can also use a password manager as one of our users mentioned below, to generate and store strong passwords for you. However, be aware that they themselves are not very secure always when it comes to securing your data.

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  1. How can you write an article on this topic without mentioning password managers? Most security experts do not advocate creating your own password, because no matter what strategy you use, anything your brain can think up IS crackable.

    There are a number of good password managers available that are reasonably priced and well worth using. I currently use Its still in beta but I’m liking the features it offers, including that they use two factor authentication and my data is encrypted before being sent to them- and only I hold the key. They also have virtual email and that is a big bonus.


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