Google+ for Android revamped and gets a facelift

Google+ for Android revamped and gets a facelift

A major update for Google+ for Android is being rolled out slowly. There are 9 new cool features that are included in the update and all of them sound pretty awesome and seriously, I can’t wait to try them out.

Among those is the ability to create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand. For this feature to work you just need to select Motion or Mix after tapping the + button on the photos.

The app will now help you access really big photo libraries without any issues.

Another awesome (aptly named) feature is the Auto Awesome Stories. With this feature you can make the app to automatically create travelogues by making use of your photos, videos and the places you visit. Similarly Auto Awesome Movies creates a reel of your photos and videos and the end video will have the transitions, effects and sound track.

For this feature to work, you simply have to upload or backup your photos to Google+. If you are like me and if you have auto sync turned on, all the photos you take with your mobile phone will be automatically uploaded to Google+ and you might already have a movie waiting for!

Other small updates include the disappearance of app menu as you move down the Google+ stream. This way your posts are not cut off and you see the posts full screen.

And, browsing your photo library has become a lot easier. You can browse by date or highlights.

The navigation menu has become a lot cooler and user friendly – you can now easily switch between communities, places, other sections and sharing.

Overall I am really excited to use Google+ (more intensively than before) on my Droid.

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  1. Thanks, Jane! I’m excited for the new features too, and I can’t wait to update the app on my phone. I admit, I haven’t been using Google+ a lot but I think the Auto Awesome Stories will make me curious enough to use the app more. I really like that they’re letting us create animated GIFs now. Although it isn’t really necessary, it’s still pretty fun!


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