Gravit Designer Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Gravit Designer is an online vector editing tool which is used by designers to create professional quality illustrations, icons, presentations and prototypes. It is also a beginner-friendly graphic design tool and you can easily learn it to create social media and blog graphics.

Gravit Designer is termed as a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. Gravit has all the necessary tools required to create professional designs for print as well as for screen such as mockups and presentations. It can do a lot more and includes photo effects which can fulfill the need of Photoshop as well.

If you have decided to use Gravit for your graphic design needs then learning its shortcuts are going to help in increasing your productivity. Using keyboard shortcuts can get things done quicker as opposed to finding the same option in the menu. Since there are many keyboard shortucts for this application, you may not be able to memorize them at one go. A keyboard shortcut cheat-sheet can come in handy for making a quick reference. You can either print this cheat sheet using the PDF version or keep the cheat-sheet image handy for quick access.

Gravit Designer Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Find an image containing all the Gravit Designer keyboard shortcuts available on Mac as well as Windows. Simply replace the ‘Ctrl’ key with ‘Cmd’ key when working on a Mac. This cheat sheet was made available officially by Gravit Designer team via this tweet.

Gravit Designer Keyboard Shortcuts
Gravit Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

Download printable PDF version

It is a good idea to take a print out of the cheat sheet so that you can hang it on a wall in your office and reference it from time to time. For doing so you can download the PDF version of the cheat sheet using the button below.

Download Gravit Designer Shortcuts (PDF)

Don’t forget to share this cheat sheet with your fellow designer friends. Before you go, here are a few quick tutorials on Gravit Designer:

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  1. Hi.
    This is a great job done by making it simpler and easier to find the short cuts of the tools.
    Would you please make a sheet which has all tools in illustrator as well?
    For example
    Ai > Io
    Lasso > lasso
    Radient > which one in gravit?
    All tools which at are in Adobe what are their names in gravit designer?
    Thank you


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